About me: Myrnaly Sepúlveda

I have been blessed in so many ways. My life was turned upside down by Jesus, and it was the best thing that could happened to me. I have been blessed in so many ways. My life was turned upside down by Jesus, and it was the best thing that could happened to me. Now my life has a great purpose and no matter my circumstances, I’m not alone and I enjoy being loved by Him.

I want to share with you my experiences, and what I have learned in this path throughout the years. I also want to get to know you. I can pray for you and we can walk this journey together.

My husband

I am married and have a daughter and a son and we all serve God at our local church, in Ponce, Puerto Rico where we live. I studied Medical technology and started my first blog in Spanish in 2015, “Blog Mujeres de Fe”.

Let’s not run away from the zombies!

Movies, and nowadays zombie series have been around for many years and are part of the most popular themes in the film industry.

The idea of some “zombies” or people who have been infected by a virus and end up walking while dead, and infecting others who have contact with them, seems very fanciful and perhaps that is why it captivates its audience so much, between the suspense and fear.

In all these stories the plot consists of how to escape from the zombies, not get infected and get a cure that can reverse the process and save humanity.

Our real and current humanity is not far from that zombie fantasy.

Most of the world walks being dead, spiritually. The entrance of sin contaminated all mankind and all its generations. It is impossible to get a cure for ourselves and it is impossible not to get infected because we are born in sin. We were dead and going with the flow of this world without a will of our own!

God in his infinite mercy and his great love with which he loved us, gave us the cure for sin and brings us back to life and communion with him. There is a cure! It brings us to live eternally. But … why are so many zombies surrounding us?

Remember the plot to find the cure and save humanity? You already found it if you are reading this blog. Now, what are you doing to bring it to the infected?

God gave us the task of preaching the gospel to all creatures, to all nations. We have the cure! They can be saved! But … are we running away from zombies? You are already immune. Why see humanity like this and not offer them the cure?

Unfortunately, not everyone can see that they need it. But it is worth being obedient to the Lord and out of love for your neighbor, offering them that there is a hope of real life.

I know what it is to be walking without life, and I am grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Today I can experience joy and peace during this world that is walking towards perdition. I know that it is the only hope available that does not change and that it must not be earned.

No one has ever loved me in such a way, He is love. No one cared more about my healing and my life than my Savior. He remains faithful, something that I cannot understand, but it is his nature to him.

Let us pray to the Lord to help us love our neighbors in such a way that we do not hesitate to bring them the message of salvation, confession and repentance of sins and hope. We have the cure for lives that walk spiritually dead! May God concern us to carry his message in every place, giving him the glory and honor that he deserves.

My building blocks

We are constantly building and edifying in our lives. We build a future after we finish school. We build new goals, new dreams, and plans. We build a home. We build a work environment to earn the necessary livelihood. We build relationships of love, friendship, and cordiality.

We build with the foundations we know. We are laying brick by brick.

We can be Christians and know God’s Word, and yet our first instinct is to build on what we have learned in life. We see as a foundation what we learned from our parents as our role models, although we are not always aware of it.

In a marriage, at the workplace, in a relationship, we are going to bring different fundamentals, different experiences, and different building blocks. All of these collide with each other. They keep working in parallel but never meet to get to a middle ground.

The foundation that can lead us to build together is the Word of God. God’s will leads us to walk in the same direction. This is something we should talk about and discuss so as not to leave it to chance. “Can two walk together, except they are agreed?” Amos 3: 3

All of us at some point have fought to defend the building blocks that we carry. Let’s change little by little what we bring for truths and principles of the Word. We will be building on the rock to have structures that will last forever and glorify God.

Let us pray to the Lord to help us identify what foundation we are building on. May he help us to renew our understanding through the Word and to be able to renounce blocks that we have used and defended for a long time that are not consistent with his will.

Do I know what I’m sowing?

Last week, a nonprofit organization was giving away trees to plant, in a location at the shopping mall near my house. Because we don’t have trees in my yard, I decided to go glancing.

There they had several experts who based on the information you provided about the place, terrain, and the main purpose for the tree would get you the most suitable species for planting and guide you on the process.

I do not have that experience or much knowledge in that area because I am not good at taking care of plants. Sometimes I think I don’t have the patience required for this hobby. So I brought them to my husband for him to take care of this project.

But in our lives, the overall quality of the picture is very different. We all sow. Every day we are all sowing and reaping. The problem is that although we are not aware of this, which is no longer a hobby, but defines our lives, we do not invest time in teaching ourselves the best way to be able to obtain good fruits at harvest time.

All the good that can come out of us comes from God.

The world has been guiding us all our lives on how to sow. It teaches us to be selfish because, in the long run, no one is going to think about us. It teaches us that you have rights, so don’t give your arm to twist. It teaches us that the one who throws the blow first is the one who wins. It teaches us that we have to take revenge on the one who hurt us. It teaches us to criticize others for what seems different to us. It teaches us to be fanatically political and religious and to get into arguments. It teaches us to provide our children with more material things than time and love. It leads us to think that we are superior to others and that we should treat them that way.

All these behaviors and all these seeds act by themselves in our lives, without much effort. It is more difficult for us to sow in righteousness than to sow in sin.

The Bible teaches us how to sow. It alerts us that we will reap based on what we sow. For example, he tells us to sow the seeds of goodness. But to sow goodness, we must stop sowing with pride and selfishness, and that costs us; because the world has taught us not to do anything that makes us look foolish. But … and the final result? Am I sowing thinking about what I am going to reap?

Sowing with the knowledge of God’s justice costs us, but we will obtain better harvests. “Those who sow with tears will reap with joy.” Psalm 126: 5

Many family conflicts and how we relate to other people could be healed if pride, selfishness, hatred, and thirst for revenge for what I received are put aside. Even if it costs us, let’s sow goodness. This world needs it, and like the salt that seasons food so that we can enjoy it, so we have been called to be the salt of the world. We have the instructions in the Word and the Holy Spirit guides us.

If we act like the world, we are helping deforestation. Let us be the ones who put the good seed that the Father gives us.

Let us pray to the Lord presenting our lives so that he helps us to strip away the teachings that are contrary to his will and that we can sow in justice. Amen.

It is finished

It is finished.

On that day a promise was fulfilled …

A promise was given to humanity since the time of Adam: the only possible solution to restore our relationship with God.

So many years of waiting. So much spin holding onto a hope that seemed so far away. Only faith helped us to sustain ourselves waiting for the big day.

God never fails. His promises are always kept. His Word stands above every apparent obstacle or adversity.

It is finished.

The day that changed the route of humanity. The day that marked history. A day whose echo is still heard today.

It is finished.

Words that echoed in the skies. Words that fulfilled many prophecies. Words that caused the greatest pain possible. Words that would make more sense three days later. Words that many at the time did not understand.

Something was breaking. Something was ending, but something new was beginning. The countdown had been activated. Silence waited for … his resurrection.

His glory was not over. His glory would manifest once more. His miracles had not ceased. His gift of salvation would be being offered. The necessary path to go to the Father was being forged. The letters of the law could no longer condemn us. The forgiveness of our iniquities became real.

Such a great love. An unconditional love. A sacrificial love. A consummate love.

It is finished.

Those words that today can change your life. Those words that remind me that my life changed. Those words that renew my strength today.

May its echo resound in my spirit every day and lead me to the cross.

It’s time to speak. It’s time to love.

As a child, I frequently got sick with throat infections. It is possible that it was because the school I attended had a yard with no grass and lots of dirt, which with the wind moved into the air a lot.

The problem is that for some reason of fear, I used to hid from everyone when my infection symptoms started. I always tried to speak normally, although my throat hurt when I said a word. I also tried to hide if I was feeling weak.

But my dad would always notice the change in my voice and would tell my mom to check me out. Indeed, I had a fever of 40 degrees Celsius, my throat was almost closed due to inflammation, and it was already night when we ended up at the hospital emergency room because at that time the pediatrician’s office was already closed. On top of that, I received the scolding of my mother for the worry and for the bad time that I put her through.

The same happens to us in our spiritual life. Unfortunately, it has proliferated in the midst of churches that people who have a struggle with a particular sin are judged. So, we have become religious, that we go to church and tell everyone that we are fine, in victory, even though our spiritual life has declined, sin overwhelms us and we don’t see a quick way out.

Silence didn’t help my cause. The disease worsened without treatment and put me in a more complicated clinical picture for not treating me on time. The fear of what my mother would say and the treatment that would possibly include injections led me to shut up and try to hide the symptoms.

We disguise our depressions, weaknesses, and failures to present a “perfect Christian” that everyone accepts, who can serve in ministries and is not judged for spiritual immaturity.

But if I have learned anything from the Scriptures, it is that when we cover up our sin, we are overwhelmed, consumed, and grieved by the Holy Spirit. We have the example of David, that although he had a heart pleasing to God, covering up his sin affected him deeply.

The church is composed of sinners redeemed only by grace and not by goodnesses, who are undergoing a progressive transformation towards holiness through the Holy Spirit. There are struggles that we cannot overcome without help. Therefore, the Bible tells us that we have gifts to help minister to each other, encourage us, and the love of God to cover a multitude of faults.

The perfect unity of church occurs when we meet without pretense, we break in the presence of God without thinking about what they will think of us. We unite in spirit when we can support each other, pray together for our struggles and weaknesses, and when we have brethren in faith who will be waiting to get up and encourage us not to fall.

When we can approach God by stripping ourselves of all masks and appearances, we permeate into an attitude of humility, and God will glorify himself in our midst.

This will help us grow. Then our leadership roles in the church will bear fruit. So those who feel hurt and seek hope amid this fallen world can come to church by admiring a love so deep that it does not make others fall, but lifts them and brings them closer to the Lord.

It starts with me, goes on with you. We long for a collective spiritual revival in these times, but it begins with humiliation, with presenting ourselves before God with an open face, and having love for our neighbor, not judging them, but praying together, agreeing, that we surrender together before God, and in that way, his name may be glorified.

If I feel that I do not need the prayer of others or the support of others, it is time to surrender my pride in the presence of God. When we come closer to his holiness, we can only see our imperfections and marvel at the wonderful grace poured out of him on me.

To heal our lives in time, we cannot be silent. May God put in us an unconditional love towards others, having Him as a perfect model.

Let us pray to the Lord presenting our lives in an attitude of humility and transparency. May we be ministered to minister others. May his Holy Spirit guide us to see others as ourselves and may we minister and support each other so that together we continue to grow and mature spiritually. That is the unity of the body his Spirit is poured out supernaturally.


This year’s schedule

The beginning of this year has had me pondering about where I am today and where I want to go.

I only know one thing, I am not the type of person to make many long-term plans, rather what I want to achieve immediately. I used to be more impulsive before, but over the years I have learned that it is not always the best choice.

God has blessed my life in a great way, and although I have had my ups and downs in life and my relationship with God, He has always been faithful and his answers to my prayers, performed within the limits of my knowledge that is based on the present and my past, they have been more than I could have imagined since He gives His answers based on the future because He knows it.

Today I look back and I can see that many things that I have lived were never planned, many things that I suffered were inevitable for me, but in all of them, God accompanied me, He lifted me. I have understood that his plans are better for my life and fill me with joy and peace.

That has changed my perspective and my prayers. Whenever possible, I try to ask Him to be the one who works my schedule and to show me the appointments and tasks that comprise it. Like any agenda, there are days more loaded than others, there are appointments that you look forward to and there are others with which you have to keep.

It has to be a constant prayer because even when God shows me the way, it is easy to entertain myself in other things and get off the road, but his Holy Spirit comes back and reminds me of the purpose to which I have been called.

There are times when I think that I cannot achieve what God puts before me and it is true, it only depends on Him. Every obstacle can be overcome with faith, dominated by his grace, and conquered with the humility that leads us to surrender ourselves before him because he can do everything, knows everything, and loves me throughout everything.

May God be the one who works your schedule this year so that all your commitments are a blessing.

Let us pray to the Lord giving thanks because He has brought us this far, holding his hand. May we come before Him with an attitude of humility so that he may glorify himself in our lives and may we follow his will and walk in the good works that he prepared for us in advance and live the abundant life that he bought for us in the cross.

Goodbye 2020.

Since I was a child, I started hearing about the much-mentioned New Year’s resolutions. Receiving a new year is perceived as a new opportunity in life and where everything can start anew. It is the time to make a clean slate, and propose to achieve what we have always longed for but have not been able to touch.

It is also a frustrating time when you remember all the resolutions that were made at the beginning of the year and to this date have not come true. Always to some extent, everyone reflects on what they experienced during the year that ends and everything they want to change for the following year. Those who reached their goals set out to be more ambitious for this new opportunity and those who didn’t reach them may no longer believe in making resolutions because they gave up in the process.

2020 was a year that surprised us all. The world did not experience a pandemic for many years and there are very few who are alive today who could tell their experiences. In Puerto Rico, the year began with an earthquake on January 7 and it changed our lives since before the quarantine.

Many things have changed, but if God has shown and taught me something from 2019 to date, it is that, no matter how things are on our outside, around us, it is that peace that we experience within us that takes us forward, which allows us to act with wisdom and be anchored amid the ups and downs of life.

The world offers us peace amid economic prosperity, social gatherings, and parties, pleasures, substances like alcohol that numb our problems, all of which were turned upside down this year.

How have those who need constant approval lived? How have those who depended on their work for peace lived and lost it due to the pandemic? How have those who have not been able to meet socially lived? How have those who love taking care of their health to the extreme amid an environment of potential contagion in all places? How have we been able to live for those whose ground has been moved? How have those who find their peace been able to live being informed by seeing news that has not been anything encouraging?

Something I have for sure, the world that has been moving away from God will continue to decline. Everything is governed by selfishness, the desire for power, oppressing others, and living trying to obtain material possessions, without stopping to cultivate family relationships or true friends.

Something that will never change is God. The whole world is under the control of his hands. He is the only one who knows the past, the future, and our present. He is the only one who can offer us peace and truly fulfill it.

I am a witness, although I lack much, of the Peace that God can offer us during difficult circumstances and how our priorities are aligned according to his will and turning our back on the world, that is when what tied us in our plans becomes the greatest of our wishes and resolutions.

The best decision you can make for this new year is to surrender at the feet of the Master so that He is the one who gives you peace and directs your life in unexpected ways but better than you have ever dreamed of. I want his will to continue to guide me and my family. The one who knows everything and controls everything, he is the one who loves me the most and gave his life for me. Have you surrendered to Him? Have you let it guide your life?

I have no resolutions or concrete plans. I have longings that I put in his hands and allow him to change as he pleases. I keep reading his Word and praying for it to guide me to his wellness plans for my life. His plans always come true.

Let us pray to the Lord giving thanks for the blessing that has always been in our lives and that we can surrender to Him every day to live in those works that He prepared in advance so that we can live in them. May we experience the peace of him within us this year amid everything that happens.

Incorruptible redemption

I heard on the news yesterday of a complaint made by several health workers about the management of the administration of the new vaccine for COVID-19. They alleged that although an order was established that determined the groups to be vaccinated by priority, there had been the issue of administering vaccines to relatives and other people who were not on the list of the first to receive them.

It was evident that although there is a certain scheme, the corruption of human beings affects any plan, however perfect it may seem.

The ideal of communism, socialism, and democracy, pose very viable solutions for the administration of governments, but it is their implementation and their development, contaminated by the evil of man, deeply rooted by sin, that completely changes the expected result.

Now I understand better and am in awe of God’s wisdom and love for us. God did not leave salvation in the hands of men. He showed through the law covenant that we could not, no matter how hard we tried, keep the law, and be fair to our neighbor.

In his inconceivable love for us and his divine grace, He has our salvation in his hands and is accessible to us through faith, believing in Jesus Christ and his redemption.

It is for me a reason for great joy and a feeling of security that everything depends on Him. His justice is not comparable to what we understand by justice in this world and we have some Scriptures that demonstrate this.

We have been living through difficult times and perhaps we have felt unjust in this world, but our justice and our salvation are secure above all else. It is kept in the hands of the one who gave his life for love of you and love of me.

If you still do not know him, it is time to meet him. If you already have him as a Father, surrender your life to him daily and live joyfully for such a great salvation.

Let us pray to God presenting our lives in surrender to his holiness and greatness. Let us give thanks for his salvation and his redemption. May we share with others the news of salvation guided by his Holy Spirit.