God only has a plan A


They always taught me that I should have a plan in life. In fact, I talked about that recently at my Spanish blog. It is good to have a plan to help us focus our efforts in life in order to reach our goals.

But what happens when our plans do not turn out as we have thought?

I remember that in the middle of the week my husband told me that since I am working from home, he wanted to take me out for breakfast on Saturday, that is, today, to a new restaurant famous for its pancakes that recently opened in our city. Of course, I accepted.

So we headed to this new place this morning and the place was more crowded than we expected and people waiting for their table swirled around the restaurant. Not good! We decided to go to our second option, our plan B.

We arrived at our restaurant B and it seems that like us, all the people who arrived at restaurant A also had the restaurant we chose as an option and it was quite full as well.

We signed up on a waiting list. And apparently it was going to be a long wait because they didn’t sit anyone for a while. My husband asked me if we were better looking for another place (which I already had in mind) and I agreed. I thought of a coffee bistro that we used to go and we headed there.

We arrived and they had artisans with their tables offering their handmade products. Upon entering, the cozy and quiet atmosphere, with lighting that was an invitation to the conversation, made us happy. While we went thru the menu, a musician prepared himself, who while we waited for the order and savored our breakfast, enlivened us with his guitar and his songs dedicated to our island and love.

It all resulted in such a relaxed, enjoyable and delightful date. It was like a private corner prepared for us. Our plan C was better than plan A we had in mind.

I just heard recently, that God only has an A plan for us. God’s plans are always fulfilled. Many times we can perceive that when things are not as we expected or we face difficult situations that seem to have no way out, that the plan A of our lives failed.

It is difficult for us to think that everything will work for the good of our lives, especially when we have become unemployed, our family is broken, we have lost a loved one, we do not have the job we expected, or our children are not living the life we dreamed for them.

However, it is easy to forget God’s faithfulness in our lives, the sustenance he has always given us, the comfort and love that has accompanied us and the unique purpose he has with each of us.

I’ve been there. We focus on what we have in front of our eyes and not on the greatness of our God who is almighty and loved us in such a way that he gave his only son for us.

Moses spent 40 years in the desert before going to free the people of Israel. Abraham left his land without knowing where he was going. Joseph was sold by his brothers as a slave without knowing that he would be governor of Egypt and help his people. You and I are here today without knowing how great plans the Lord has for our lives.

Like them, we just have to stay as seeing the invisible and believing in faith. We are in God’s plan A.

Pray to the Lord thanking him for his providence for our lives and ask him to help us have faith in the midst of what we are living. Whatever is not within our plans is within God’s plan.

** Remember: God only has an plan A for us.

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