¿Are you looking through clean glasses?

As girls, my sister and I took a magnifying glass that our uncle had at his house, to play. He used it to read some books or newspaper stuff.

The cool thing about the magnifying glass was that we saw things very different from how we normally saw them.

With the magnifying glass we looked at the floor and depending on how close we placed it to our eyes, we could see great depressions like holes in the tiles of the floor, or like small mountains that we had to climb.

It was difficult to walk because we couldn’t see the floor as it really was, but as girls, it entertained us to feel that we were inside an adventure. In the long run, we could only play for a short time because it gave us a strange headache or dizziness.

We are spiritually dead by sin, and when we surrender our lives to Christ we receive a new and eternal life in Him, but we also receive the promise to enjoy an abundant life in Him.

Why many times can we not enjoy it even though we were born again?

We continue walking with the magnifying glass marked by our experiences of the past. That glass is stained with disappointments, pain, betrayals, feelings of guilt, lack of love and many other wounds that we were receiving in life.

God has great promises and great joy ahead for us, but we only see through the dirty glass before us. Only God can clean and heal our wounds.

While we do not yield to God everything that hinders us, we will see life and those around us in a distorted way and love our neighbor as ourselves will seem like a difficult task.

When we keep in mind that people failed us and we look through that to others, we don’t trust anyone.

When we did not receive love and we look through it, we find it difficult to receive and give God’s love to others.

When parents, family or friends have not protected us and we look through that, we put up barriers that isolate us from others as a defense mechanism.

When we carry feelings of guilt, false or true that we have not worked and weblook through that, we look very small compared to others.

God wants you to give him that contaminated glass with which you look at life. He wants a real and personal love relationship with you.

He can give you new lenses, which reflect the reality of his eternal love and the abundant life that awaits you.

It is time to surrender the past and embrace a future full of hope, love and joy.

Pray to the Lord presenting our lives and everything we have dragged from the past, to receive his promises and his real love for our lives.

Remember: It is better to look through the glass of the Word of God.

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