Words that leave a mark

I am good at many things. I love cooking, and I can create recipes.

I perform an excellent job as a medical technologist and everything that has to do with my profession.

Recently, I discovered that I am good at making handmade or hand-sewn notebooks.

I’ve also discovered things I’m not good at.

I am not good at sewing fabrics. I am not right-handed in the scissors, nor threading a needle. Every time I need to thread a needle to bind notebooks I have to ask my husband for help.

So I mostly do the things I’m good at.

As a Christian woman, God has given me gifts and talents to be used for His work.

Recently, I discovered a gift I had hidden since I was a child, about writing. God is taking me on new paths where I have had to learn to walk in faith and in total dependence on Him. They are not easy processes, but they end up being wonderful.

Our gifts are accompanied by a responsibility. We must use them for his glory! We must use them! And we must let ourselves be guided by his will to work where is needed.

It is very easy to see ourselves busy with the tasks of this hectic and stressed life that this world demands of us. It is as simple as not stopping to think and pray to scrutinize our hearts, and discover who we really are.

We all have gifts and abilities with a specific purpose, an eternal purpose. But we may not know them. Sometimes we don’t know ourselves.

In other cases, fears may paralyze us. We are afraid of failure, to be criticized, to do it wrong and to feel ashamed in front of others. But you are missing a great blessing! Serving others is of great joy.

God has called me to write and it is my prayer that my words are anointed and directed by the Holy Spirit, since without their support, they are simple letters.

It is my prayer that my words, these letters, can mark others, as his Word has marked me. (Read chapter 9 of Ezekiel)

I want my testimony to show others that God is real, changes lives and continues to work in our times.

You have gifts and talents that you can enjoy using for His work. Perhaps your mission is to impact others by singing praises. Perhaps your mission is to give food to those who are hungry. Perhaps your mission is to listen and advise others. Perhaps your mission is to teach others. Perhaps your mission is to take care of the sick.

The list is very long. Sometimes your gift is to call those who are alone. I don’t know. But there is no greater blessing than to be used for the good of the gospel that we have received.

That we can say: “I have done as you commanded.”

Pray to the Lord giving thanks for the gifts and talents he has given us, both for a living and for the expansion of the kingdom. May the Holy Spirit show us the gifts we have not yet recognized and guide us to use them according to his will.

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