From riches to rags

It is said that a person who is not aware of its wealth keeps living in poverty.

While in other parts of the world there are people praying for God to increase their faith because they are in danger of losing their lives for believing and proclaiming the gospel, we beg God to take away from us a difficult person so as not to lose our peace.

While others pray to have a Bible in their hands, because they are prohibited where they reside, we have several in our houses, of various versions, and we do not spend enough time reading them.

While others pray to have a little corner where they can meet with other Christians to talk about the scriptures and learn from them, we have air-conditioned churches and comfortable chairs, but we prefer to watch the sermons online.

While others pray to have the freedom to sing praises to heaven without fear of losing their lives, we say that Sunday’s praise time was not so good because they didn’t sing the songs we like or because we don’t like the style of the one who led that time.

While others give everything they have to help those in need, we do not share a time for coffee with a brother in faith because time is committed to things that satisfy us personally.

While there are people who walk long miles to congregate if raindrops appear we do not take our car to get to the house of God.

While others lose their lives daily to share the gospel and be witnesses of God in this world, we don’t even talk to our neighbor or the co-worker because we don’t want them to look at us weird or we won’t be so popular anymore.

While the gospel we have received could be shared and save others who are lost without the salvation of their souls, we watch Netflix.

And it is that because we forget the salvation so great that we have received, that it is too high for us to be able to understand it, why God in his grace and mercy redeemed us from a very deserved eternal death.

We forget that we were bought at the price of precious blood, and freed from eternal punishment.

We forget that God has remained faithful and fulfills his eternal covenant that he made with us while we remain unfaithful.

We forget that we are rich and we are living in poverty.

Let us pray to the Lord for forgiveness for the times that we appreciate so little, a salvation so great that in his grace we have received. May we reach Him in an attitude of humility recognizing that we are his and He is our Lord. May we be their witnesses and carry the gospel we have received.

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