Talking about justice

– “It’s not fair that they gave me a cookie and she got two!” –

– “It is not fair that he got that job position when I have worked harder!” –

– “It is not fair that they were treated first in the emergency room when I have been here longer!” –

– “It is not fair that the one who does not serve God and leads a messy life has a new car and better things than me!” –

– “It’s not fair that those who hurt me walk around as if nothing had happened while I had to suffer!” –

Have you seen yourself in these situations? Have you uttered some of these exclamations? You are not alone and we could list many more.

On this side of the world we could say that we enjoy certain freedoms and there is much talk about justice and equity.

They have indoctrinated us so well that we live by comparing what we have with what others have and enjoy to assess whether it is fair or not.

We really waste our time focusing on assessing situations that will never be perfect.

Remember that we live in a fallen world, corrupted by sin. Here nothing is perfect. Long time ago, in the garden of Eden things were perfect.

The so-called “justice” that is exercised in this world is not what it seems to be. Never expect sinful people to exercise perfect justice.

– “And God? Why don’t you exercise justice in this world if we are your children?” –

God exercised a greater justice. A justice that goes against everything we believe. God sent his only son, for love, to die for us.

God put on his Holy Son, your sins and mine for Him to suffer your punishment and mine.

God justified us by the justice that Jesus Christ exercised, only by grace. He gave us that justice.

Do you want God to give you what you deserve? What we all deserve is eternal death for being sinners. If today you can say that you are a Son of God it is because you remember daily that you had no merit to save you. You could not do anything to achieve it. God’s justice delivered us from eternal punishment.

As children of God we are called to exercise God’s justice guided by his Holy Spirit. That is, I show the love of God that flows through me over my neighbor who does not deserve it, just like me.

I exercise God’s justice by forgiving everyone in the same way that I was forgiven without deserving it.

I exercise the justice of God focusing on proclaiming his gospel to others instead of seeing what they own that I don’t. The only thing that is unattainable in this life, that money cannot buy, God gave it to us.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer the justice of God. The “justice” of this world is imperfect and transient.

Pray to the Lord asking for forgiveness for the times we have thought in this limited mind, that He has been unjust.

Let us give thanks daily because for his justice we have received salvation and an abundant life in Jesus Christ.

May we exercise his justice with those around us for His glory.

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