So… you think you got it?

We might reach a time in our lives where we might think that we have achieved everything.

We may come to think that we have everything under control, as we wanted.

We may think otherwise, that we do not like where we are today or what we have achieved.

We might look at everything we have and think of how much we have worked.

We may also look at everything we have and think that we need to work a lot in order to achieve more.

The problem is that we get to forget very easily that everything we have, what we have achieved, what we have not achieved and what we yearn for depend on God.

If you could graduate from college it was because God provided you with intelligence and resources. I always remember preaching by Pastor Samuel Nina in our church where he said that if you had been born poor in Haiti, you probably would not have the profession you have today or your college diploma. And it is very true.

If you have been able to work, it has been because God has given you health and the opportunity to earn your living, which is ultimately the one who gives the provision.

We can admire the possessions we have and think that we have everything, but that is because God has allowed us to have what we have and there has not been a natural disaster that collapses it.

We may also look at our homes and broken relationships and think that it is because God has allowed it, and we do not see the reality that there has been an absence of God in all this.

We may see ourselves serving in a church and think we have the right to judge those who have left, forgetting that if we are serving the Lord it was only because his grace and mercy sustain us every day.

We must remember that we deserve nothing. Good! Yes, we deserve something! Hell.

All we have is God’s gift for our lives. All we do not have is because we have not heard the voice of God to obtain it or because the will of God that protects us and can see the whole picture, knows that it does not suit us.

Do you know that even running out of work was part of God’s perfect plan? Because we wrap ourselves in thinking that we have everything under control when we have never had anything. God has control of all things and we must learn to depend on Him totally and in all areas of our life, not only in the spiritual.

God owns all times. We live so enslaved by a clock and it is because we know that we cannot control the minutes and hours, whether you use them well or not.

And the God who gives everything also offers you rest. It offers you an easier saddle. It offers you to pray for wisdom. It offers you the forgiveness of your sins if you arrive repentant through faith in Jesus Christ.

You might want to live your life by planning every point of it, to finally realize that your plan in a second can be undone.

I invite you to live better, under the will of God, surrendering everything in your hands and trusting, while resting, that his plan is perfect and his times exact. Humility is required for that, and the Lord will exalt you whenever your time is.

Let us pray together to the Lord, in humility, giving thanks for all that he has granted us in his grace. Let us put our lives at his feet and surrender our will to have his done in us. Let us rest in what God will do.

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