Great pieces with history

As you know, I really like the subjects about cooking, decoration, crafts, and others of that creative type.

I am not an art expert nor do I know a lot about these topics, but rather an amateur.

Something that caught my attention recently, is how a simple piece of furniture or decoration takes an unexpected turn into relevant importance when the piece has its own history.

Just as a piece can have a story by the time it was created, it takes on greater importance when it is integrated into an emotional or historic event. When this is the case, it stops from being a simple piece of furniture, a simple table, to stand out as an original piece, and tells a story that takes us back to its creator.

Now, this piece has a purpose and is no longer part of the background, but instead, it highlights its attributes.

I invite you to read Psalm 107, which ends with the verse mentioned in the initial photo.

God creates new stories. God takes simple pieces and carves in them his glory, and they take a new turn. Now, they have a purpose and they stop being simple, to be highlighted and lead others to exalt their creator.

Our lives are shaped and transformed daily by our creator, savior, and heavenly father, in order to show his glory to others through our stories.

Every experience, every pain overcome, every scar healed, every change in our way of being, is accompanied by a unique story, a unique purpose.

God gives you a story where it is shown that we believe in a real God, who does not overlook any detail, which collects each of your tears and transforms them into a blessing.

Your story has unexpected twists and intense moments, which are softened by the grace and love of God. Every detail is contemplated and will be necessary for the final result.

Your story will minister others, while the stories of others will be ministering you.

Do not stop to mourn the process of transformation, instead look through his Holy Spirit at the unique work, a great story, which will be the key piece in the landscape of humanity.

Go every day to the Lord with an attitude of humility so that He continues to glorify in your life, and you can show his glory to those who need it.

God gives you a story that nobody can take away from you, with an ending that is already written in victory.

Let us pray to the Lord putting our lives in his hands so that he will glorify through us. May we enjoy ourselves in the midst of battles knowing that He is forming a unique and beautiful story in us.

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