Between comfort and minimal effort

We have reached an era where everything should be easy. We believe that things are done in record time and reachable at our fingertips.

We criticize millennials with their reputation that they don’t want to work hard, but we fight if we take 10 minutes at the fast-food restaurant. We want the results of medical tests in 1 hour. We no longer want to wait several days for a chapter of a series when we can see them all at once. Why sweep our houses if we have a robot that we just put on the floor and will do it by itself?

I could keep listing things and the list would be very long. And it’s not wrong having a little help. The problem is that we want our lives to function like that, including our spiritual areas.

We have become conditioned to making the minimum possible effort where we can obtain very fast results.

There is no time to deepen the scriptures, for that, I read a devotional reading, the verse that I receive on the app’s alert, or while doing something I listen to preachings on YouTube.

It is not so necessary to read the entire Bible when I have books and biblical commentaries that do it for me.

And the aids are not bad, but they must be a side dish and not the main course.

Those of us who want to seek a little more from the Lord is satisfied with a little time of prayer and reading of the Word and if with that we already feel that God speaks to us, we do not seek to have a greater passion, an absolute direction of the Holy Spirit and dedicate our life to Lord completely.

The variety of shopping stores, at the colorful malls, the internet streaming channels and the many ideas to achieve the success ”we deserve” entertain us and divert us a lot from what it would be to have an urgency that does not let us sleep, that does not let us watch television in peace, do not let me forget about my neighbor, whether Christian or in need to hear that there is a plan of salvation for his soul.

Life, even of Christians, is based on glamour, comfort, well-being, and convenience instead of seeing us as enslaved bought by blood, called by the Almighty God to announce the virtues of the one who called us. The part of going around the world and making disciples is entrusted to any other that wishes to do so.

Comfortable Christian lives, which do not bother the enemy of souls, do not produce the expected fruit. It must be a continuous fruit, showing that the Holy Spirit dwells in us, that he is not grieved, and that he shows others a real God who continues to work in our times.

There is no room to be comfortable. Nothing we do should make us feel that we are well and that we are doing enough. Our self should not be so accommodated between luxuries and false control of time.

It is time to talk and show what we have believed, what we have received.

Pray to the Lord for forgiveness for being satisfied with so little doing and present our lives hoping that his Holy Spirit will disturb us until we have a great passion for souls.

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