When things change

Christmas is a very remarkable time for everyone, but not everyone celebrates it in the same way, even some people do not celebrate it.

It is a time of joy and excitement, parties and gifts, especially when we are children.

As we grow older, the gifts and the family around us may decrease. The elders are culminating their time, and the young may look for another future in distant lands.

It is a time where many people enjoy living the moment, while many others suffer from depression and see their loneliness increased.

In my case, I miss family parties with my parents, grandparents, uncles and all cousins. We laughed a lot, we ate a lot just like we sang a lot. There are beautiful memories that will remain in my heart forever.

And although I miss those times, and today my circumstances are different, there is something that has never changed or will change. I can see how God has always been there.

God does not change. His love does not change. His Word never changes. That love that two thousand years ago sent his Son to be born on this earth and die for me, is the same love that today sustains me in everything I need, whether physical, because he is my supplier; emotional because he is my protector, and spiritual because he is my Savior and Lord.

Today I can see it as a blessing to have a God who is faithful in spite of me. Despite my weaknesses and imperfections, He always glorifies in my life. I know that I count on Him. I know that he listens to me, and I know that I can stand on firm ground because it is the immovable Rock.

I see all my memories as a great blessing which are part of my life, that formed who I am today, and lead me to want to bring joy to others. I had the blessing of having a family reunited on special days when the lives of others have not been like that. Now is my time to give. Now is my time to sow in others, the blessings that I have received by His grace.

When you see that your times have changed, remember that God has always been the same. Be the agent of change for others and carry the message of true Christmas. Give life, give love and give company.

Pray to God giving thanks for his faithfulness and patience with us, unfaithful servants. May we rejoice in this time when the world celebrates Christmas and helps us to bring to others the message that gives true peace, the message of life. May we use the beautiful memories we have to transform them into actions of kindness towards others.

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