Not having control

As humans, were always looking for all the answers.

The creation of the universe has always been investigated. We want to know why things happen, when they will happen and how to prevent or modify them towards our benefit.

That feeling of thinking that we own control over what surrounds us or happens to us, gives us a false sense of security.

Why do we always say life is difficult? Because although we try and strive, we cannot have total control over the experiences we live day by day. We are facing unexpected events, which can bring us joys or sufferings.

We have no control over health, losses, the behavior of those we love, retaining jobs or success in a business.

We could find ourselves in great anxiety about what has not yet come, in overtime efforts wanting to control situations or build a castle of material things that does not resist life’s problems.

The key to success and peace is not having control in our hands. The key is to recognize that the God of heaven, our Lord and Savior, sustains all things, and that not a leaf of a tree falls without his consent.

It is difficult for many to understand if God has control of all things, why do we face suffering in this world? Don’t they tell us all the time that God is good?

God is good because it is his kind and nothing changes him. On the contrary, we are not good. We are all sinners. Other people make us suffer and we have made others suffer. People have failed us, and we have failed others. The only good that can flow from us is by the gift of God.

Sin has corrupted this world, and filled it with evil, diseases and wars. But God offers salvation of our souls, who are eternal over this passing world that has its days numbered.

God offers to heal us, not only physically, but offers us healing for our heart. God gives us peace in the middle of the war in which we can live. He offers us his strength in the midst of our weaknesses and fatigue. It offers us joy in the midst of our sufferings. It offers us sustenance in the midst of our need. He offers to accompany us every day of our life in the midst of our loneliness. God gives us hope in the middle of a world that only walks towards chaos.

I can trust Him while going on this pilgrimage, knowing that I don’t have to work hard to try to control the things I can’t. I can rest knowing that He will renew my strength. I can enjoy myself in the midst of battles knowing that my Savior walks with me and fights for me.

I prefer to turn things in, on my knees, where I will get the victory, than stand trying to control what I can never take. My battlefield is at His feet, and on my knees. My faith will carry me forward and the Holy Spirit will show me the way forward.

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