No patches to the old

Today is New Year’s Eve. It is a time when many people reflect on this year that is already culminating and set new goals which they are looking forward to reaching in this new year.

The new year is seen as a moment of new opportunities and new beginnings. Many see this as the end of a very difficult year and the reached goal of having survived, while others see the year ending as a good year, full of good memories and incredible moments.

It is always important to have a point of reference in our lives where we stop within our routines that go at full speed, and assess where we are and where we are going.

There is nothing better than evaluating our lives from the spiritual aspect. How much did I grow in the Lord during this year? Did I acquire spiritual goals and dreams that contribute to the expansion of the gospel and the kingdom of God? By the grace of God, could I humbly submit my earthly goals and follow God’s will? What is missing from my relationship with God, my spiritual life?

On the contrary, we do not take advantage of carrying towards the new year with the negative things we acquired. It does not help us to continue towards the goal, dragging feelings of guilt, lack of forgiveness, resentment and lack of diligence in spiritual matters to our new beginning. Let us meditate on the moments lived to give them a healthy closure, and let us retain the lessons learned through the tests and the difficulties to start this new time on a higher step. Not a step where we see our brothers in faith far below, but a new step where we can shake hands to help them climb.

Let’s not put patches on broken things when we have a God who makes all things new, heals the deepest wounds and makes rivers in the midst of dryness. We have a God who changes a heart of stone into one of flesh and one who forgives and cleanses all our sins through faith in his Son Jesus Christ and the blood shed for us on the cross.

If you had a very difficult year, as I had, it is time to glorify the one who has brought us here and has given us the victory and the strength to continue. We have seen the faithfulness of God even in the moments where we had no answers and so far he has given us his provision.

If you had a year of great glory and joy in the Lord, share your joy with others because the blessings are shared and we are called to bless others. Hold back what you learned and use those forces and energy to spread to others for this new year.

Every day is a new opportunity that God gives us. May the goals we propose for this new year follow the will of the Lord and not ours, that we leave our comfort zone to bless others and bring the good news to those who need them. Happy 2020 Year!

Pray to the Lord grateful for arriving on the eve of a new year. That we wait for the new opportunities that God gives us with joy and taking advantage of the times to carry his Word of salvation. Amen.

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