Taking about salt…

Are you aware that there are several types of salt? I am very fond of cooking and I am always learning about everything related to it.

We have the “sea salt” that is obtained by the evaporation of seawater. It is not refined and contains sodium as table salt, with other additional minerals.

The best known and used is the “table salt” which is extracted from salt mines, takes longer to dissolve and contains iodine as an additive in most cases.

For its part, the “salt flower” is one of the most expensive because it is worked by hand, and it is suggested for dishes already cooked as an additional touch.

The “salt of the Himalayas” comes from the mine of the same place and for its purity it is used for Spas and the elaboration of cosmetics.

“Kosher salt” is widely used by Jews in their preparations and is used already cooked dishes such as pretzels, among others.

Finally, the “black salt” from India, extracted from its salt mines, has a very strong flavor and is mostly used in dishes in that culture.

No matter the type of salt, unseasoned foods are not pleasant to the palate, and lets not forget that salt also preserves food.

Jesus said in Matthew 4:13 that “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt fades, what will it be salty with? It is useless for anything else, but to be thrown out and trampled by men. ”

We are called to be salt, to season the earth. Not with our taste, but with that of Christ. We give others what we have received. But, are we doing our part or is the world around us out of control? We know that the evil in the world will increase, but am I satisfied with my task of being salt from the earth? Or, am I filling myself with the Lord and am I still in the mine without being accessible to others? Could it be my reality that I am not cultivating my relationship with God and that is why I am not seasoning my surroundings?

Are we contaminated and why we can’t we be used for seasoning? The most exquisite salts are the most pure, and that is why they are used for the most delicate tasks.

It is not that complicated. We complicate it when we are not fit, when we see it difficult, when we are afraid, because we see that we do not have enough, because we are looking at the task from our carnality when it is the Holy Spirit in us who is going to do the work. We are simple instruments, without merit, except to have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ and to have received the power of his Holy Spirit by living in us.

Being salt of the earth are not simply vain words. Our actions in love towards our neighbor will speak more than a thousand words. We have been called to follow the work of Jesus here on earth helping the needy, raising the fallen, helping the widows who are alone and the orphan, and helping to heal the brokenhearted.

Let’s not lose our seasoning. Let’s start this new year remembering every day that we are as valuable and as useful as salt.

Let us pray to the Lord in an attitude of humility, recognizing that we cannot do his work for ourselves, but that we depend totally on Him, on his power and on his direction. May we be salt of the earth so that others may receive that blessing. Amen.

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