When my ground is moving

We Puerto Ricans who live on the island have been experiencing very difficult times, because of earthquakes felt before and after an earthquake of 6.4.

Emotionally, new scars have been forged, new uncertainties that had never been experienced through the hurricanes that have commonly affected our island throughout history and for which we are prepared from the primary grades in school.

We did not have a mentality to face these earthquakes, where there are no possible predictions, but many statistics and probabilities that do not provide emotional security to anyone.

Unfortunately, our lives changed, and more drastically for those who reside and have created their memories of life in places near the epicenters of these earthquakes. Some people have lost their homes and belongings, but even more have lost the sense of security and peace, evidenced that even having their properties intact they prefer to spend the night under a tent or inside a camping tent.

In the face of all tragedy and changes that shake us emotionally, a question always comes to the surface, where is God?

I have seen God in his protection towards the lives of Puerto Ricans, including my family, where one life was extinguished by the destruction of one structure when many other structures were destroyed in the middle of the night.

I have seen God in the midst of all those people who took refuge in others in their homes or joined in brotherhood with their neighbors to take care of themselves while they sleep in camps.

I have seen God in every help that our compatriots have collected and delivered to the most affected.

I have seen God in every circle of a prayer carried out in many communities throughout the island.

We have seen God in every rainbow that has adorned our sky these days.

I have seen God in each person who has shared messages of hope and His Word to encourage others.

I have seen God in the midst of food that has supplied me through the family.

I have seen God when we have had little rain in the south and days with beautiful skies.

As children of God, we are called to witness that God dwells in our lives and we must show it to others.

It is okay being afraid of uncertainty but remembers his promises and that we have an incorruptible, eternal hope in Christ Jesus for all who accept him.

Jesus Christ lived moments of pain on this earth and understands our suffering, and we can go in prayer, in all confidence to surrender our fears, our anxieties, and receive in return his love, and his peace.

Share with others what you have received from God by grace.

Pray for our island of Puerto Rico, to be a time where we approach God from the heart and not out of fear, and receive a spiritual awakening to heal our land with its power.

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