I can actually see the cracks

I watched a home renovation program on television. The hostess and decorator goes through different urban areas changing the exterior appearance of the homes, and on the inside she tries to make a modern update that includes the house appliances and furniture.

I watched two episodes where the houses ended up unrecognizable. For being short episodes, I watched a third. In this case, there were hidden moisture filtration problems, which had damaged the floor layers. This greatly delayed the renovation and affected the proposed budget for that project.

Here in Puerto Rico we have experienced in recent weeks seismic events that have disrupted the normality of our lives and routines. The mental health of our people has been greatly affected. Some call them PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), while others call them fear.

We try to rebuild our daily routine and feel “normal” but it has been very difficult for many, and I include myself in this case, although thanking God and my husband, our family is running likely normal.

Why do we find it difficult to build or update what we already have? Because these events of changes bring to light how our foundations are, our interior, that interior that nobody sees and that even we ourselves have forgotten and we are not aware of what there is. We have built the foundations of our lives with the bricks of the good and traumatic events that we have been collecting since we were born. Although we are not aware of this, those foundations will determine how we act today.

When God wants to use us for his work, God begins working to restore our foundations, which are our insecurities, our fears, our wounds, our grudges, because to achieve a good work of art, with fruit that remains, it must begin to solidify it from its foundations.

Difficult situations bring to the surface what we’ve keep from difficult situations rather than happy experiences. Only God can give us a foundation on firm rock, which is in Jesus Christ, our Lord. In order to move forward it is necessary to restore our foundations aided by faith and guided by his Word.

We can recover and be stronger and be better built than before. Let us take advantage of the time in which we can see where our cracks are and failures are to place them before the Master to renew us, heal us and lift us. Do not be discouraged to see your failures, we all have them, rather thank God because now they can be taken care of and once you are rebuilt you can help others to renew their lives. You will be the main witness that all this is possible.

Let us pray together to the Lord for our people. May God be healing and rebuilding our lives and in turn show us how we can help others to achieve it guided by faith and His will for our lives.

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