I can’t do it alone

When a new year begins, new resolutions, new goals, new dreams also begin. We see it as a new opportunity to reach what we want and we have not been able to achieve. They are so unique and personal that they can go from starting a new diet to lose weight, to travel the world or start that business we have dreamed of.

In the spiritual realm, we can set growth goals and serve more in some areas. This is our time to use the new energies and the days ahead! This is our year!

But many of these goals, desires, and dreams do not become a reality at the end of the year. Even more difficult is when, just at the beginning of the year, our energies are thrashed by unexpected and difficult events such as illness, job loss or earthquakes and other natural disasters that take us by surprise.

These unexpected turns can discourage us. But there is something we lose sight of. Life is fragile, we are human, imperfect and never, even when things seem to be going well, we have control of the events we live. We can study nature but we have no control over it. We can study the Word of God and still see it difficult to live by faith.

But God knows our weaknesses and our abilities. He created us! Even our hair is exactly counted by Him. Jesus promised to be with us every day until the end of the world. We are not alone. God does not expect us to face life situations alone. We forget that “apart from Him we can do nothing.”

We try to strive in all areas of our lives using our forces. This often leads us to wear out. But God offers us rest for those of us who are weary and burdened. When we recognize our weaknesses before Him, then His power is perfected in our weaknesses.

Life’s battles can be won when we battle side by side with the Almighty. We cannot know the future, except for the things that God has revealed to us: that He has already defeated the world, that we can live by faith (believing without seeing) knowing that He is faithful, His promises do not change and we are under his care.

If we seek his will for our lives through prayer and reading his Word, God will lead us to the lands of delicate pastures where he will make us rest by being the Good Shepherd.

Pray to the Lord presenting our desires before Him. We ask that He be leading us to achieve the dreams He has for us. Let us present before Him all anxiety, all physical, mental and emotional exhaustion to receive his peace and rest. May our faith increase to grab our hand in difficult times and his name may be exalted. Amen.

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