It’s time for a new reality

I was born and raised, and live in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It is a beautiful island where I knitted most of my memories. Although we have experienced difficult situations over the years due to natural disasters, the most common problem was the impact of tropical hurricanes on the island.

We did not have in our brain an update aimed at how to work with earthquakes. Recent seismic events have moved us the floor literally and emotionally.

It is heard in the media that “we must get used to this.” I was talking to my husband about how I really don’t like that phrase since I don’t see it possible to get used to events that are not “normal”. Rather, I tell him that we must “adapt to the new reality.” Already our reality or our “normality is not the same”. We can never live exactly the same as we used to live before. We already have an awareness of being alert and having emergency plans in case one of greater magnitude happens.

When we adapt to something, we are making modifications, such as “updates” to what we already had. We have a new reality, a new normal that we must accept.

When we come to Christ, our life changes. A major event changed what our “normality” was for a new life. In this case, it is a new life, but we continue in this imperfect body. Still, our reality is different.

In our spiritual life, our new way of life is dictated by the Scriptures and we are directed through prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit that now dwells in us. Our thought must also receive a new input to change more to resemble Christ, and less to the world. We have this truth in Romans 12: 2 “ Do not conform to this world, but transform yourself through the renewal of your understanding, so that you can see what the good will of God is, pleasant and perfect.” We must know that our lives will no longer be as before but they are on a new path of blessing and eternal life.

Let us not live as those who have not received the best gift in the world: the salvation of our souls. May our walk be a blessing to others and be ambassadors of the glory of God everywhere.

Pray to the Lord giving thanks for his unparalleled love and grace over our lives. May we be sensitive to the voice of his Holy Spirit so that we can walk in his will and enjoy the goodness of his love.

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