Quarantine -Day 1

I work in the north area of the island and travel about an hour to an hour and a half several days a week, in the morning, going to work and in the afternoon, returning to my house.

Seeing the sun and its glow is part of my daily journey since it is impossible to ignore it when I have it in front of me, monopolizing all my attention.

Observing the sky and the landscape frees my mind from what would be a monotonous routine, and leads me to glorify the name of God when each landscape is unique and very different every day.

One of these days, after I arrived at my town, half an hour later, I had to go out for a rehearsal at the church I attend. On my way, I saw the sun head-on, but it was already beginning to get dark, and it stood covered by gray clouds.

I did no longer saw the sun with all its power as I observe it daily. It was almost imperceptibly, but surrounded by great beauty, impressive.

The sun was still in its place, still warming our planet, even though I couldn’t see it. In exchange, I could see a new landscape, totally beautiful, one that I could not have seen with the clear sun in my sight.

Many times we enjoy the joy and presence of God in our lives. We can see him daily, we can count his blessings and feel covered and protected by his inexhaustible love, just as I see the sun in all its splendor daily.

But there are undoubtedly other moments in our lives, where we cannot see God working in such an evident way in us or around us, just as on that afternoon I could not see the sun.

Moments like this, where due to the unexpected coronavirus pandemic that threatens our lives worldwide, where our routine of life changes, we may feel in our humanity that we are vulnerable, or we do not feel under the blessing of God.

Our emotions deceive us and do not reveal reality. God, like the sun that He created Himself, is still in His place. God continues to cover us with His glory, grace, and mercy. God continues, like the sun, warming our lives through his fidelity, not because we deserve it, but because it is his nature. God does not change, his power does not diminish and his glory does not diminish.

However, these are times to see another landscape, another glimpse of its glory, to see others of its attributes up close, and to enjoy its promises. It is time to stop our hectic lives to enjoy the greatness of God and the peace that accompanies us in Christ Jesus.

This new landscape is as glorious as the first. Let it be a time to turn to God because our jobs did not allow it. Make it a time to share time with your family, and to set new spiritual goals.

Let us meditate on what remains and sow the seed of the gospel in others. Let us treasure the landscape and we are going to share it with others.

Let us pray to the Lord giving thanks because he is our sun and our shield in the midst of all the circumstances of life. Let us rejoice in our eternal salvation and in His promises and blessings to treasure each day that He has given us.

Thought for the day: How will I invest this time?

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