Quarantine-Day 2

This morning I made coffee for breakfast. We are coffee lovers at home and that drink gives us a moment of enjoyment while helping us to wake up completely.

The process of the coffee is curious, seeing how everything is concentrated in the dark brown grounded beans and hot water extracts all that aroma and flavor that reaches each cup.

It is something new for this generation, in this part of the world, where we have religious freedom, to continue being Christians without congregating for several weeks.

It is a mandate to gather together and it is a blessing when each different gift that our brothers and sisters have in faith works in a coordinated way and in perfect harmony for the edification of the body and the reach of souls that need to hear the gospel of Jesus.

However, we have become accustomed and comfortable living to a Christianity that depends on what is done in the temple and we can frequently forget that we are the church. Every person who has opened his eyes to the reality of his sin and has come to Jesus’ feet repentant, recognizing that only in Him is there salvation and gives him his life, now living under his Lordship, is a Son of God, is part of that body called the church.

I am very struck by how the apostle Paul wrote letters helping to spread the gospel and supporting new brethren in faith, the new church that was forming and growing.

Physically transportation was not as accessible and fast as we have it today. All this without thinking about the times that Pablo was imprisoned, flogged and retained of the plans he had outlined. Failing to physically arrive did not stop him, and we see the anointing of God through his Holy Spirit reflected in Paul’s letters or epistles.

We are almost worldwide in a state of quarantine, where social distancing and our mobility are restricted. We cannot for a time attend our temples to meet as we would like. But we are still the church.

Our ministries do not cease or stop when we are not in the temple or in the structure we call church. The church is us wherever we are.

We have more media today than Pablo. We can write on social networks, texts, emails, send voice messages, make calls, write letters, and many other ways. Our voice is not going to be quiet.

It is in these uncertain times that we must shine the most with the light of Christ.

Draw up an action plan to be a missionary from home. Pray for the Lord to show you new ways to serve Him from your home. I am sure that being God’s will, He will show you what to do.

You can pray and intercede for what you always wanted to do and did not have time. Study the Word in detail, because you have the time. There are still ways to help your neighbor.

You are still steward of your gifts and your time, with a great commission ahead. What will you answer to the Lord? Your letters and your voice can go where you cannot.

Let us pray to the Lord presenting ourselves as workers before his work, asking that he show us the way forward and that we have the blessing of serving him from where we are.

Thought for the day: A church that continues to work and prepare individually will have great power in unity when they gather together.

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