Quarantine-Day 3

I am blessed to be at home with my family, even if it is for undesirable circumstances. God has blessed me with a husband, a daughter who is already 18 years old and a son who is 16.

They did not always hear my words about the Bible and my love for the Lord, but I thank God that while they were still small, with His bonds of love, my relationship with Him was reconciled and I have served Him ever since by His grace.

I am aware many people say that they are very disappointed in God, when in fact they are disappointed in the church. God is faithful and his nature does not change, even though we are sinners.

We are the visible image that many will see of God, and unconsciously by identifying ourselves as Christians, all our behavior will be related to who God is.

As a church, we are not perfect even as long as we live in this earthly body, although we must see a progressive growth towards becoming more and more like the figure of Christ. Even if we make mistakes or sin, humility and love for our neighbor show us as Sons of God.

Great disappointment begins in our family nucleus. We can speak a thousand words a day about God and quote the Bible, but it is our family or those who live with us who see our true way of being. Wearing impeccable behavior when we are close to the brethren, but having other behavior clothing when no one outside sees us, causes a deep confusion about how God is.

We have a great responsibility, not only when we leave the house or the place where we congregate, but we have a greater responsibility with ours.

These quarantine days are enough to show how we really are without the excuses that our time is compromised by our work outside the home, or at home because the children study. If we talk that we love the Lord, our children or our relatives must be the first to see him in our lives. It is not our words that will bear the greatest witness that God is in us, but what they observe.

This time can show whether visiting the church is just another commitment or obligation. This time can show that we really love God and are totally dependent on Him.

God has given us a precious opportunity to sow seeds of life in our family. Will you take advantage of it?

Let us pray to the Lord giving thanks for the blessing of having family or friends with whom we can live. Let us give thanks to the neighbors who are often like family and a blessing to our lives. May we be an instrument so that seeds of life are sown at this time and bear fruit later.

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