Quarantine-Day 4 #Iminfectingmygratitude

Just open your eyes to see all the blessings around you. The problem is that many times we prefer to walk like blind people and lose sight of ourselves not appreciating what we have in the background.

God is good every day. He brings out the sun and pours rain on good and bad. Like his children, we live every day under his grace. No circumstance changes this reality.

This world leads us to focus on the things that showcase pleasures and material goods as it offers us. Our point of comparison is the advertising that comes to our minds through television, the internet, and other media.

But if we compare with spiritual truth we know that we are not worthy of anything except eternal punishment, far from God.

Let’s use these days to look with faith and gratitude at all the riches we have. These quarantine days can teach us to treasure the things that truly matter and transcend into eternity.

I have a challenge for you: I challenge you to share daily, for the days of quarantine that remain, a daily blessing for which you thank God in the midst of this. Let us proclaim the wonders of God at a time when bad news fills all the media. Identify them with the #Iminfectingmygratitude.

I am grateful for the blessing of having a family to spend all this time with. I am thankful that God is my hope. I am grateful that my Father is stronger than everything. I am thankful that I am loved.

I could go on giving thanks all day, but let’s witness the joy that is real even in the midst of quarantine. All glory to God!

Let us pray to be grateful and be his witnesses to infect others with his joy.

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