Quarantine-Day 6

We have been used to a lifetime of religious freedom, where we have a local church, gathered in a very specific place, with a diverse menu of options for our spiritual growth and delight.

We have a prayer service available, various Bible classes, preaching or sermons, but complemented by meetings of ladies and gentlemen, youth, retreats, dinners and fellowships.

We pray for a new spiritual awakening or revival for our land. But have we done it with the right heart? Do we want a special intervention from God to make our work of evangelizing easier? Or do we really long for the glory of God to be manifested and for every man to perceive and worship him? Do we long for our lives to be disrupted by the will of God?

Times are changing and we perceive new airs around us. God’s prophecies will be fulfilled and his will is always working.

It is up to us now, in these times of social distancing, not only to use the already prepared food, it is up to us to go fishing, prepare, take our time and serve others.

We can stay connected to our local church through social media and invite others, and that’s a good thing! But, it is time to bring home worship, prayer, and spend time listening to God’s voice for our lives through scripture study.

This time of estrangement will pass, but it serves as a test for when we no longer enjoy the religious freedom that we have today. Let’s put into practice everything we have been learning.

We hope that our lives are ministered to and transformed by the Holy Spirit and that we offer ourselves to serve others in various ways and not just live to be served.

May this time of scarcity to enjoy what our local churches offer us to lead us to be part of the ministries and participate in their activities and services when we can re-integrate into society as children of God in the midst of a world of darkness, spreading His light.

Let us pray to the Lord giving thanks for so many blessings that we have received and the spiritual growth that the local church has helped us obtain. May we feel part of this body and long to work and live together, bearing witness to His presence in our lives.

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