Quarantine- Day 8

Waiting doesn’t cost us anything but it causes us a lot of anxiety.

When we have to wait for something we feel out of control and it even gives us a lot of time to create a lot of expectations or make “little movies” as I call our ideas of what could happen in the future.

However, faith is “the certainty of what is expected.” If we live confident that our God, who is Almighty and all love, is the one who has all things under the control of his hands, we can experience his peace.

There are many circumstances in our lives in which we have had to wait, not only this quarantine that can bring us concern. We wait almost ten months to be born, we wait to be adults, we wait for payday, we wait for that special person with whom we want to share the rest of our lives, we wait for graduation and we wait for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Waiting is not bad, the important thing is what do you do while you wait?

As I wait to grow, are we learning from our parents and teachers to be successful adults?

While I wait to graduate, do I take advantage of my time studying?

While I wait for that special person, do I worry about being healthy in my heart myself to be ready for a relationship?

While I wait for my Lord, do I enjoy his presence in my life and carry his plan of salvation to others?

In this period of globally required quarantine, am I being responsible as a citizen of my country and bear witness to integrity?

Waiting on God does not bring uncertainty or anxiety. Waiting on God gives me peace and calm. I can be of help to others by showing them how it is better to wait.

Let us pray to our God by giving up any anxiety we may feel and ask him to help us reaffirm our faith in these difficult times so that we can show others the best hope in the world, our redemption.

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