Quarantine Day 11- Seeking protection

Since we are born we seek assurance. We have a need to feel safe.

It begins with the security that our parents must give us and as we begin our journey through this world we are looking for assurance in the different offerings that stop us on the road.

“Study so you have a good future and are safe.” So we dedicate ourselves to study to have part of our assured future.

“Marry a man who protects you or if you are a man, a woman who maintains stability in your home and takes care of you.” And so we walk through life looking for that complement that will give us stability and security in our lives, especially in the emotional part.

“Save enough, earn enough money to have a secure future.” And so we work incessantly to accumulate money and material possessions.

“You must be recognized and have a good reputation to have stability and social security where you live and move.” For this, social networks help us today where we publish what we know others will admire and follow, to perpetuate our legacy.

The problem with all these sources of “security” is that a simple virus arrives, which you can only see through a good microscope and destroys the security source that you have built with so much effort.

What remains for us to act wisely is to put our security in what remains forever, for eternity, in what never changes or can fade, in what has infinite power and control of all things and the only option available to save your soul. The only answer that applies is in God.

Jesus gave his life for you, without your asking, without your deserving and gives you eternal life through his sacrifice on the cross. Your safety gives us peace and hope. I put everything in my hands that I have achieved on earth to use for his glory and the spread of his gospel. My studies, my relationships, my work, my savings, I put everything in your hands, where my life will really be safe.

As Christians, sometimes, even having the great treasure that we have received, we put our trust and security in the things that we acquire in this world. Let us not be like the Israelites who returned to Egypt seeking their safety. Let us leave the past behind and lavish on the goal of the supreme calling in Christ Jesus.

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