Quarantine Day 13-Missing…

We are in Puerto Rico on the thirteenth day of the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I already see on social networks many statuses describing that they miss going out for coffee like a normal day. Others miss going out on a weekend. Some miss a day at the beach or a day in the park. Many miss their routine visits to the beauty salon. Others already want to celebrate their birthdays with hugs and not by a virtual greeting.

And is that when we do not have something we took for granted, we miss it. This time will mark us all, not only on the island of enchantment but everywhere on the planet.

We can see time as a loss right now, but there are many others whose losses will have first and last names.

We are so intertwined with the world! But the Scriptures call us pilgrims and foreigners on this earth. Our eternal abode is in heaven where Jesus went to prepare a place.

We don’t know when we meet again in our building that we call the church. We took the word preached every Sunday for granted and several arrived with 20 minutes to go.

We took the call for souls for granted and it was more important to get out in time to eat.

We took worship time together for granted and used it as a time to get up later.

We took prayer services for granted, whereas a church we could cry out to the Lord together because we already go to other activities throughout the week.

We took it for granted that working hands were needed for every ministry and special activity, and we were only going to be served.

We took our family for granted thinking that when we finished the long hours of work, they would still be there.

We dampened our provision, thinking that our effort was what brought bread to our table and not the providence of God.

As Paul was separated to God, so too are we his children. Paul wrote letters while in prison, which today are part of our Bible.

This time where we are apart from society may be the time that changes your life. You have the time to appreciate what truly matters and remains.

God is giving us an opportunity to stop and reflect and allow it to change us. This experience is going to produce changes in the whole world, let’s hope that your changes are those that transcend.

Make your time count, so that when we can hug each other again, we do it with all our soul, and not out of habit.

Let us pray to the Lord presenting our lives and that he helps us to reflect at this time, in prayer, in the study of the Scriptures and we can make changes for the benefit of our life, our family and the kingdom of God.

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