Quarantine Day 16 This can be your Bet-el

It is the 16th day of the quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Puerto Rico, where I reside.

Many find the new reality that has become our way of life difficult.

All the plans, trips, appointments, concerts, seminars and work conventions, Easter campaigns in churches, and many other entries on our agendas have been postponed or canceled.

Our life changed from one day to another, and it makes us feel powerless when we cannot control our plans. A very small virus altered the entire political, social system, the world of sports and cinema.

But what are many people doing in the face of this new way of living, in the face of this new uncertainty? They show that they resist change and want to live in an egocentric way, where they try to accommodate the way they like to live within a mold that does not allow individualism. The consequence: a pandemic that seems to have no end.

But have you ever thought that this is not something so unusual?

The person who has been diagnosed with cancer has had to change his lifestyle from one day to the next, where his priorities have been changed and his plans have been canceled.

Those who have gone through a divorce have received a halt to their way of life and their family composition, their income, and even their residence have been changed.

He who has been fired from a job that represented his stability for many years has now had to adapt to a new reality where his plans are also postponed or canceled.

There are many other situations in life that reveal to us the reality that we cannot see in our lives on the agenda: we are not in full control of our lives.

But God is our rescuer, our savior and the one who has already won the victory for us. Our lives are in your hands. Every experience that stops us along the way we can use and see as a blessing.

We can surrender to the Lord and each high in life use it to name a blessing or a new attribute of God that we have now experienced closely. This can be your Bet-el. This is your moment
place a new rock in the path that will be part of your testimony about God’s faithfulness in your life.

If I am going to stop later, I can look back and see all the rocks I have left behind that have led me to where I am today. It is about understanding and living the moment we are in, giving glory to God and enjoying ourselves on the rocks we have left on the road knowing that we will continue to leave rocks that tell the glory of God.

Pray to the Lord asking him to search us and reveal our teaching at this time so that we can give glory and be a witness to others.

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