Quarantine Day 18- Empty Nest

For years I have heard about “empty nest syndrome”. It refers to the moment in which the children leave the home to go to study far away or to become independent.

Many marital relationships build their firm foundation by leaning on children. But what happens when they leave? Then the emptiness in the house becomes evident. Then you cannot find the things that are in common with your spouse and many ties that were for life, which until now seemed to be so, are dissolved at an age of promised stability.

This happens when it was not built on the correct foundation.

As Christians, God has guided us to a point that we never thought would come, just as we see the day when our children leave home very distant.

This social distancing has separated us from the community of faith as we knew it to date. Until now, what was the center of our relationship with God? What were we building our faith on?

Just as our children are a tremendous blessing from God, gathering together is another great blessing, so much so that God motivates us with a mandate. But the church we attend is not the correct foundation for our faith. The basis for our faith is the relationship with Jesus Christ.

In these times when we cannot be busy in ministries, when we cannot have fellowship with brothers, is our faith firm? Do the tempest winds move us to the point of thinking that we will be shipwrecked?

This morning I was reading a phrase that said that we prayed to God to send us where there was a need and He sent us to our homes. What remains in my life as a Christian when I cannot move in my congregation’s circle?

Let this be a time to strengthen roots and adjust foundations. May this be a time to listen to the voice of God and allow ourselves to be led by Him to learn new ways of walking with Him and serving Him.

May it be a time of refreshment where we enjoy in all humility the presence of God in our lives and adjust the foundation that sustains our life and our home. Routines and ministries can change, but our faith, which we have by grace, must remain.

Let us pray to the Lord in complete humility and transparency to show us what we base our faith on and to help us redirect where we should go.

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