Quarantine on Good Friday

For many, this Good Friday seems like a different one. We were not looking for new clothes to wear for this Easter campaign, we were not preparing materials or distributing promotions, we did not have to add chairs in the temple for the visits that we could get.

The truth is that with each passing year, instead of more visits, the opposite happened. Every year more Christians went on vacation or to spend a day at the beach taking advantage of days off from work. But these changes in the agenda left God in a place where he would be very safe, on the four walls of the church.

Every year we invited more people to come to visit our services, but more Christians rationed the services they would attend. After all, you don’t have to go several times a week!

Every year more believers walked away from the church walls, wounded by the spiritual pride of many who felt better than they did instead of shaking hands with them so that they would not fall.

Every year more congregations gathered to pray for a great revival in the church. But why did they pray? What was the intention in the heart? See miracles as they were seen before or that people easily came to our repentant churches? Does the church lose power?

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Its power does not change and will definitely not wane. His promises and prophecies will always be fulfilled. Our approach as a church? It changes as we adapt and get used to this world that is only a passage where we must walk as pilgrims and foreigners.

We have limited God to four walls, to large and comfortable temples, with luxuries and special effects but leaving aside humility and remembering daily that we are like pottery vessels carrying such a great, so undeserved treasure.

We forget that the greatest blessing is being at his feet in his presence instead of working all week for his work.

We forget that battles are won on our knees in prayer and not in our great knowledge.

We forget that we should not criticize the one who fails but rather help him to support himself so that he rises because we ourselves fall.

We forget that the great commission sends us to carry the gospel, to help the widow and the needy, and in the name of Jesus to lead them to heal their broken hearts.

We forget how beautiful are the feet of those who announce the good news.

A small and microscopic virus, under the omnipotence of God, has taken the church from the four walls where she felt safe. Our foundation, however, has not moved, stayed firm and keep holding us.

It is time to see God everywhere. It is time to proclaim his name from the simplicity of our homes, from the humility of our hearts showing the world that we are imperfect but loved by a perfect God who has given us his love and the salvation of our souls.

Let us show that we serve a living God that the four walls cannot contain. Let us show others how God works without limitations and does not depend on what happens in the world, but that He conquered the world and supports the foundations of the earth.

The God we serve cannot be contained by anything or anyone. He is the one who holds the water of the seas in the palm of his hand and who not only redeems us, he also redeems his creation, when nature groans together waiting for his redemption. This time the mercy of God has been poured out on nature and it is cleaning it from the damage that we in our sinful actions have done to it.

Today Good Friday the temple is closed but God continues to sit on his throne reigning in glory and majesty. Let’s proclaim his name!

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