From my quarantine, exhausted?

We didn’t have time for anything.

We lived exhausted from moving around, from thinking, from being busy all the time.

Our agenda was filled with work, family, friends, meetings …

We lived exhausted. We looked like slaves many times. Time flew by.

The difficult people around us exhausted us.

Quarantine has taken us away from everything that bound us, which exhausted us and kept us busy. Of course, there are exceptions depending on the profession they are in, although there are no social gatherings after work.

These times have led us to live very quickly, without sitting down to breathe and contemplate the stars or smell the flowers.

But quarantine has changed reality, the one who more or less, now
there must be more time. We are more at home, more with the family.

But as the days go by, perhaps the spiritual goals are not those that have occupied the priority and as we get used to the new reality we continue to become slaves, but in a different way. Do you live exhausted now?

The truth is that God’s plan of redemption for us included freedom that begins now. His good plans for us offer us rest, delight in his presence, joy, and peace.

Perhaps quarantine has taught us that problems follow us, or that the cause of lack of joy or feeling tired is ourselves. That the relationship with God does not depend on how many days we visited the church, or if it rained or was sunny, depends on our surrender to Him.

God has not moved, have we
moved us? God still expects us to spend time with Him, is that our priority? God expects us to live by faith, do we believe him? He still wants to lead us, shall we follow in his footsteps?

That the quarantine shows us how we really are and can go to the feet of Jesus to make the most of the time and enjoy the freedom that he has already given us.

Let us pray to the Lord asking Him to search our lives and help us to surrender everything that takes away our peace and exhausts us.

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