Loving my great job while in quarantine

We are living a time to stay in our homes because of something unexpected: a pandemic that even with all the advances in science and technology that we have available today, managed to enter the world as it would have done in past times.

All this shows us that when we already think that we have everything under control, and we have obtained enough knowledge to go one step ahead of microscopic viruses and bacteria, they can bring us to the reality of our human fragility.

So much effort, so much work, so many vain things that can disappear in a second. It’s not that we shouldn’t work. It is not that we shouldn’t struggle to get ahead in life and provide for our families, but we must not forget that we have a more important job that has its reach in eternity.

I love how apostle Paul with that passion speaks to Titus about his goal: that others know the hope of eternal life. He describes it as his job.

We as children of God have the same mission, the same job. But do we love it with passion like Paul? Are we really doing it? You may think that in these times of confinement the work cannot be done, but that’s not right.

In my photo, I use a typewriter, which would have made Paul’s life easier, but in his time resources were scarce. He could not easily communicate with other parts of the world, could not travel, and within hours reached his destination.

But you know something? Much of his ministry was carried out from his confinement, the times he was imprisoned and could not get where he wanted to go to evangelize. Paul did not stop. The Holy Spirit in him was burning hot enough for him to move and be creative in moving on his way to the goal.

Paul not only had his resources. This letter to Titus is motivation. He prayerfully and financially supported others who also brought the good news of salvation. Paul knew that he alone could not have the scope he longed for, so he motivated others to join the work, strengthened them by teaching them the Word and reinforcing doctrines, tried to strengthen the weaknesses of others, and led them to Christ, being him. example with their testimony that in Him they could do everything.

We have no excuses. We have more resources than Paul had in his time, even in our confinement. Am I using them? Do I know that there are people in great physical and spiritual need in these times? The closure has not solved the problems that existed before the Covid-19, but perhaps it has hidden them.

You may not be able to see where there is a need, but we can pray like Paul for God to direct us, use us and be instruments in these times in which we live.

May others see in us that love and passion for our great work, as Paul had it.

Let us pray to the Lord knowing that He enables us and directs us to work in His work. May we be sensitive to his voice, pray for our brothers in the faith, the missionaries and for those who must believe in his gospel. May it revive in us that passion to bring the good news of salvation.

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