Do not let the leaves wither in pandemic times

We took advantage of the pending delivery of some protocol manuals to clinical laboratories in the north of the island to get all four of us on the car, after the closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The plans were very simple, buy breakfast by drive-thru, get to the north area and return without stopping anywhere along the way to protect ourselves from contagion. But a look at the landscape, on the way, did not hurt us.

And, so we did. We left early in the morning, went through a drive-thru at a coffee shop, bought some breakfast, and continued the journey. We were able to make all the deliveries in the morning and we were at a good time to return to our house, in the south area of the island, avoiding the heavier traffic in the afternoon.

I do not know why I looked for directions in the cell phone’s GPS because I had taken that road before. The truth is that it led us down a new route, a new shortcut, I thought. But before long we were away from the highway and taking a mountain sight route.

That’s not what I expected. I don’t really like winding roads in the middle of nowhere. That was not the plan. Then I thought that God had that surprise prepared for us for the months we had not left home. So I began to observe the landscape on the way. We were en route to our house but through a different path.

We have spent very dry days and grassland fires were yearning for rainwater. But I am always amazed by the Flamboyan trees who, regardless of the weather, wear their best flowers, brightly colored, orange-reddish.

The Flamboyan trees remind me of that tree described in Psalm 1 “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither, and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

We are living in times that shake us from the depths. We have experienced earthquakes, pandemics, a lot of uncertainty in the environment, economic losses, and closed churches. We might think that our best leaves wilt, but they don’t. It is in those times where our source of water is not provided by us, because we cannot produce it when the Holy Spirit of God sustains our lives, guides us and refreshes us with the water of life, that makes us bear fruit, that does not leave us to wither away because of the circumstances before us.

It is time to be that tree with bright colors that draws the attention of those who look at the landscape. Do those who know me, those who look at me, long for the grace and favor of God? Do they long for what they see in me? Does my testimony impact your lives and do you have to recognize that there is a greater source of water that we cannot supply?

For that I must delight in the law of God, not only to know His Word, the Scriptures, I am supposed to delight in them. I might fee myself alive if I long for each day to be more like Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life. Otherwise, my leaves may wither away in the midst of difficult situations. Jesus not only gave us salvation, but He also gave us abundant life in Him. We will bear fruit at the right time, regardless of the circumstances.

Let us pray to the Lord asking him to help our thirst for his Word and that we can delight in it, that we do not see it as a responsibility, but as a longing. May others come to Him by seeing Him in our lives.

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