I can hear him despite the noise.

Today I had to provide my consulting services to a laboratory in the west part of the island. It was a comfortable trip since in distance it was about an hour. To this we add the protocols of the pandemic, so the traffic on the road was really smooth.

I always really enjoy the scenery and I like listening to music or the radio to entertain myself. So while listening to a very good song on the radio, I came to a part of the route where the road, apparently, is paved in a different material. From a trip in complete harmony, we switched to a trip accompanied by the deafening sound of the road, which not even the radio allowed me to hear. Thank God it was only a small part of the way.

I also read Saul’s story, where the background noise did not allow him to hear the voice of God and his patience stirred him. In life, it happens that when we most want to hear the voice of God so that it is He who directs our steps, we will face unexpected circumstances that want to take our attention away from God’s will.

The best remedy, the one David had, that even in moments when he failed the Lord, was a man according to God’s heart, was this: We must cultivate that personal relationship with our Lord and Savior.

Do you know? The voice of the people we love and know better can be heard regardless of the crowd around us. I can distinguish the voice of my children, so my husband’s voice.

Likewise, when we have practiced listening to God’s voice, when we have found delight in spending time with Him, in the midst of the noise of problems, or what those around us shout at us, his voice will be clear, or at least we’ll know that he listens to us and we will wait in faith.

Today I pray for myself and for you, asking the Lord to give us thirst and the longing to find delight in his presence and that like the deer bellows through the waters, so we seek him guided by his Holy Spirit.

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