I can’t continue without the book

I am taking an online class and I still haven’t received the handbooks. I was informed that training books would arrive by mail, but meanwhile, the first two chapters would be provided in electronic format so that I could start the class.

Like an anxiously awaiting girl before the first day of school, I started the course and got to the third chapter. Because it is a subject that I thought I actually mastered, I guessed that I could study it and take the exams that are required for each chapter.

But … the “but” came. The third chapter is based on indications provided by the printed book. I realized that it was better to wait for the book to play it safe and not to take the exam in a hurry and then not pass it. That would only delay me in the process.

I reflected on our lives and how is similar to this course. Even as Christians, we think that if we have spent years in the gospel, that we already know the Bible, we believe that we already know what is necessary to lead our lives, but moments come that lead us to stop and think that continuing like this is a risk. We need the book. We need the Bible.

No matter how many times we have read the scriptures, we will never have read it enough, we will never know enough. The same verses speak to us differently and personally each time. The Word of God is alive and effective. We will not be able to know the correct direction for our life if we do not read it, and we repeat it, and we study it.

We need to love his Word. We need to tell others about it. We must see it as the source of all indications and advice to enjoy an abundant life.

The Bible contains the entire plan of salvation and all of God’s promises for our lives. In his love, he indicates his commandments for us to take the path of blessing.

Pray to the Lord to thank him for his Word and the accessibility we have of it. May he help us to love it, to study it frequently, and may his Holy Spirit help us to understand it and apply it to our lives.

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