The attribute that confronts me

My husband has many good virtues. I could mention some of them, but normally I do not mention one of them because it is the one that collides with me. It is that he is a maniac for cleaning. He pays attention to details and cleaning routines (and I know many women crave that). I am not structured in that regard, and children already emerging from adolescence to adulthood are not very diligent in that regard also, unless they are told in detail what to do. For bringing some disagreement, it is not the trait that is most flattering in him.

Yesterday I meditated on devotional time at church about the holiness of God as one of his attributes. God has many attributes, and among them, we can mention that he is love, he is omnipotent, omnipresent, just, good or kind, almighty. Another of its attributes is that it is Holy.

We often see this attribute of God’s holiness superficially, as we sing a song or when we recite it from memory. The truth is that this attribute of God’s holiness collides with our carnal, sinful nature. God’s holiness portrays our sin.

The more we meditate on God’s holiness, the easier it is to see where we are failing, how we are sinning, and what customs or habits are not accepted before his holiness.

When we meditate on the holiness of God there is only room for humiliation and rendition before his presence. All the merits we believe we have are nothing. All the good we think we’ve done is not enough. Everything we can perform for the kingdom makes no difference. But at the same time, all this leads us to recognize that before a Holy God, only his grace (unmerited favor) can bring us closer to Him. It leads us to surrender in humiliation and to be grateful because if it were not for his sacrifice on the cross, we could never approach Him and receive salvation for our souls.

If today I can enjoy his peace, his love, his promises, his direction, and his guidance, has nothing to do with what I can achieve, but for what He has already done.

The holiness of God is an attribute that confronts us. May we go to his feet to be renewed and cleansed from the sin that can already be cleansed by his bloodshed on the cross.

Let us pray to the Lord recognizing his holiness. May he help us to meditate on this attribute of his and that we may be confronted to continue growing spiritually while being humble. May we see our brethren in faith in the same condition as us, where neither is greater than the other, and we have been redeemed only by his grace.

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