In just 3 steps

I remember when I got married and didn’t know how to cook. I started buying cookbooks and watching all the cooking shows on television.

Later, I had a computer and switched to buying programs that brought cooking recipes with videos.

Now, on the internet, I have access to millions of recipes, but the most popular are the ones that tell you that “you can cook in 3 steps”.

It is not only cooking recipes that are advertised as such. We are used to seeing articles that lead you to believe that you can be an entrepreneur with just 3 steps. You can make a craft, create an office, decorate your patio, and endless other things, in just 3 steps.

We add all this to the “Fast food” generation that we live and we want to simplify everything in our life in the same way.

We want to achieve great things in very few steps. The problem is that we take this concept to the Christian life and we think that we are going to have an abundant and fruitful life, with just a few steps and in a very simple way.

We have lost perspective of what really matters. It is not about reading the Bible for a few minutes or going to a service on Sunday and praying before falling asleep.

It is about dedicating our life to Christ, knowing that it no longer belongs to us, because it was bought with blood on the cross. It is about giving up on me every day so that Christ lives in me and can minister to others. It is, as he says in Psalm 1, of every day, meditating on his Word day and night. There are no shortcuts or 3 steps here.

It is about every day waking up and putting my life in surrender before God so that He directs my steps and shows me his will. It is a journey by faith where I have no control over the future but I know that I am in good hands.

It is a growth that adjusts to the measure of each one and I cannot focus on others, but on God.

We have lost the best part along the way, which is enjoying, having delight in the presence of God and for that reason I long for it all day. That the time I dedicate to the Lord is not to conform but because I enjoy his company, I live gratefully and I want to please him. He takes care of everything else. He takes care of my concerns.

Pray to the Lord asking for forgiveness because we have left the road many times to want to take shortcuts and comply in the shortest possible way. May he reveal to us the delight that we can find in his presence so that we long for him every day and rest in him.

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