Knowing true justice

My husband and I were talking last night about a young man who passed away at an early age and how his mother would feel, who was praying for a miracle.

He used to tell me that many things in life look unfair and for that reason people get upset with God.

Seeing that the designs or will of God seem unjust is a thought that frequently circles in the minds of many and that inevitably collides with the truth in Scripture.

I told my husband last night that we have been indoctrinated from a very young age by the beliefs and postulates of this world and the apparently “democratic” laws of our governments.

We have been taught that justice is that the good win and the bad suffer the consequences. However, we have given rights to criminals over victims.

We are told that equality and equity is that everyone has the same and is treated the same or we enter into discrimination. However, those who proclaim the love of God and the salvation of God free by faith to all who believe, call it a day crime against those who do not believe.

We were taught about a constitution based on faith with a straight playing field and strongly believed by all citizens. However, it was written in a time of slavery and those same governments discriminate against certain types of citizens.

Those of us who have believed the gospel and want to live by it, find ourselves in the dilemma of which of those to renew our minds as recommended by the apostle Paul in Romans 12. It is only guided by the Holy Spirit that we can discern things spiritually.

We evaluate things backwards. We want to filter the Bible through the sieve of what we have learned in the society we live in, when we must filter everything we believe and think through the Scriptures in order to live pleasing God and enjoy the peace and joy that has been given to us .

God’s justice is greater than our justice. The justice of man is of appearances and statutes that in the long run corrupt the very ones that created them. God’s justice is perfect and does not conform to anything. In his justice, the wicked pay. We are all bad, there is not just one good. God fulfilled his justice by sending Jesus Christ to pay the price of our punishment on the cross. The good, the just, pay the price for sinners. His justice is infused with love, mercy, and grace.

I prefer his justice. I prefer his law. I want him to show me my misconceptions that don’t pass the scriptural filter. May I give his commandments as justice and they are rooted in my heart so that my life is governed by them.

Everything I have learned in this world is corrupted by sin and man’s selfishness. That it is not my truth, and it remains not my creed.

Let us pray to the Lord presenting ourselves with transparency and humility so that we can receive his truth and we can live by it. May we meditate on his law day and night so that we may be like the tree planted by the waters that bears its fruit in its season and its leaf does not fall.

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