Series: Decor-Contemporary Coastal style

I love the beach! In Puerto Rico we are blessed that being an island, in several minutes we get to enjoy a beach.

I love the smell of salt, the sea, feeling the breeze while listening to the swaying of the waves in the background.

For those who love the beach, this coastal décor style allows them to bring a little piece of the beach into their home.

For many, the sea is not only beautiful, but intimidating in its grandeur, its infinite appearance and its unknown depth. That leads me to reflect on Peter’s experience with Jesus where, acting in faith, Peter was able to walk on water. It was impossible! They had just faced a rough sea, but Peter had the conviction of who Jesus was and that his power went above the seas. There in the boat there were several witnesses to what happened, but only Peter walked on the water.

Our life is based on small steps of faith, where all risks, possible consequences or fears are delivered to the feet of our Lord so that we can act in faith, recognizing the greatness and power of our God. We go in to wet our feet in the waters, but as we deepen our relationship with God, we are asked to go out to sea.

This style of decoration is constituted with elements of natural materials, in colors that are in the master palette of a coastal or beach landscape. White predominates, like sea foam, creams like sand and blues like the sky and its reflection in the sea. Shades of green as foliage adorn what are the hues of mangroves and beach shrubs.

I like to incorporate into my home decorations that define our tastes, our lived experiences and elements that make us feel comfortable and that give us that sense of belonging. I always pray that the atmosphere in my home is one that reflects that a Christian family lives there. It is pleasant to receive visitors who perceive a different and welcoming environment. I remember on one occasion that a man rendered a service and asked me if I was a Christian. He told me that he felt something in the environment that he could only perceive in houses where there were Christians, such as an atmosphere of peace. I give glory to God for that and it is a tremendous testimony. That is something that no decoration item can give you. This is perceived by the character of Christ as it is reflected in our lives, not by our qualities, but by his work. May your greatest element of decoration be the aroma of Christ that floods your home. Take the risk like Pedro to enter deeper waters. If it supported Peter, it will support you too.

That every time you see the sea
You can see the greatness of God and reflect on your faith. May it be our faith that moves us, directs us and sustains us in the midst of the waves of a world that is not constant but our God is the only one who has power over it.

Let us pray to the Lord presenting our lives so that He is the one who leads us in faith and we can be led to wonderful and miraculous things to testify to his power.

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