Master engineer

I am a medical technologist by profession and God has allowed me to work in various sectors of the profession. About fifteen years ago I was working as a sales representative in independent hospitals and clinical laboratories. As part of my job, the company sent me on a trip to New Jersey, where the manufacturer of one of the brands of analyzers we distributed had their facilities.

I attended different trainings during that week, and on the last day, they took us on a tour through the different areas at the facility. The area that most impressed us was the assembly and manufacturing area. There they explained to us all the different types of engineers who contributed their specialty to form a single team. For example, I remember that electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineers, among others, were part of the team as they mentioned to us. Each one worked contributing ideas and designs in their area and in the end, an engineer was in charge of incorporating all the designs and ideas so that they fit and worked perfectly.

Wow! That engineer had the most challenging job of all. How to incorporate each different piece or each different design, achieving a functional and efficient analyzer?

I was reflecting this morning on how each one of us is a different design, formed by each experience lived from our mother’s womb. Each event carves our personality and how we act and relate to others.

In these experiences, we are acquiring fears and creating protective barriers as a defense against suffering or feeling pain again. We relate to others based on how we have perceived the approach from others around us.

When we have been the object of rejection, ridicule, verbal attacks, constant criticism, our behavior towards others is based on our fears and insecurities that we carry deep inside, and that we take for granted in many cases.

But God is that master engineer who unites all individual designs through the indwelling Holy Spirit. His church is one and must bear witness to Him. But every fear we live with separates us from our fellow believers and affects our unity. Only God’s love casts out our fears and brings us to perfect unity. God can heal even the most painful and deeply rooted experiences in our being. It is in him that we can be a single team with functionality and efficiency for his kingdom.

Let us pray to the Lord asking him to analyze our lives and show us what fears we have had for years and affect us in our relationships with others, especially with our brothers in faith and our families. Let us deposit our fears and insecurities in Him to be harm and live that abundant life that He has for us.

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