Goodbye 2020.

Since I was a child, I started hearing about the much-mentioned New Year’s resolutions. Receiving a new year is perceived as a new opportunity in life and where everything can start anew. It is the time to make a clean slate, and propose to achieve what we have always longed for but have not been able to touch.

It is also a frustrating time when you remember all the resolutions that were made at the beginning of the year and to this date have not come true. Always to some extent, everyone reflects on what they experienced during the year that ends and everything they want to change for the following year. Those who reached their goals set out to be more ambitious for this new opportunity and those who didn’t reach them may no longer believe in making resolutions because they gave up in the process.

2020 was a year that surprised us all. The world did not experience a pandemic for many years and there are very few who are alive today who could tell their experiences. In Puerto Rico, the year began with an earthquake on January 7 and it changed our lives since before the quarantine.

Many things have changed, but if God has shown and taught me something from 2019 to date, it is that, no matter how things are on our outside, around us, it is that peace that we experience within us that takes us forward, which allows us to act with wisdom and be anchored amid the ups and downs of life.

The world offers us peace amid economic prosperity, social gatherings, and parties, pleasures, substances like alcohol that numb our problems, all of which were turned upside down this year.

How have those who need constant approval lived? How have those who depended on their work for peace lived and lost it due to the pandemic? How have those who have not been able to meet socially lived? How have those who love taking care of their health to the extreme amid an environment of potential contagion in all places? How have we been able to live for those whose ground has been moved? How have those who find their peace been able to live being informed by seeing news that has not been anything encouraging?

Something I have for sure, the world that has been moving away from God will continue to decline. Everything is governed by selfishness, the desire for power, oppressing others, and living trying to obtain material possessions, without stopping to cultivate family relationships or true friends.

Something that will never change is God. The whole world is under the control of his hands. He is the only one who knows the past, the future, and our present. He is the only one who can offer us peace and truly fulfill it.

I am a witness, although I lack much, of the Peace that God can offer us during difficult circumstances and how our priorities are aligned according to his will and turning our back on the world, that is when what tied us in our plans becomes the greatest of our wishes and resolutions.

The best decision you can make for this new year is to surrender at the feet of the Master so that He is the one who gives you peace and directs your life in unexpected ways but better than you have ever dreamed of. I want his will to continue to guide me and my family. The one who knows everything and controls everything, he is the one who loves me the most and gave his life for me. Have you surrendered to Him? Have you let it guide your life?

I have no resolutions or concrete plans. I have longings that I put in his hands and allow him to change as he pleases. I keep reading his Word and praying for it to guide me to his wellness plans for my life. His plans always come true.

Let us pray to the Lord giving thanks for the blessing that has always been in our lives and that we can surrender to Him every day to live in those works that He prepared in advance so that we can live in them. May we experience the peace of him within us this year amid everything that happens.

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