Do I know what I’m sowing?

Last week, a nonprofit organization was giving away trees to plant, in a location at the shopping mall near my house. Because we don’t have trees in my yard, I decided to go glancing.

There they had several experts who based on the information you provided about the place, terrain, and the main purpose for the tree would get you the most suitable species for planting and guide you on the process.

I do not have that experience or much knowledge in that area because I am not good at taking care of plants. Sometimes I think I don’t have the patience required for this hobby. So I brought them to my husband for him to take care of this project.

But in our lives, the overall quality of the picture is very different. We all sow. Every day we are all sowing and reaping. The problem is that although we are not aware of this, which is no longer a hobby, but defines our lives, we do not invest time in teaching ourselves the best way to be able to obtain good fruits at harvest time.

All the good that can come out of us comes from God.

The world has been guiding us all our lives on how to sow. It teaches us to be selfish because, in the long run, no one is going to think about us. It teaches us that you have rights, so don’t give your arm to twist. It teaches us that the one who throws the blow first is the one who wins. It teaches us that we have to take revenge on the one who hurt us. It teaches us to criticize others for what seems different to us. It teaches us to be fanatically political and religious and to get into arguments. It teaches us to provide our children with more material things than time and love. It leads us to think that we are superior to others and that we should treat them that way.

All these behaviors and all these seeds act by themselves in our lives, without much effort. It is more difficult for us to sow in righteousness than to sow in sin.

The Bible teaches us how to sow. It alerts us that we will reap based on what we sow. For example, he tells us to sow the seeds of goodness. But to sow goodness, we must stop sowing with pride and selfishness, and that costs us; because the world has taught us not to do anything that makes us look foolish. But … and the final result? Am I sowing thinking about what I am going to reap?

Sowing with the knowledge of God’s justice costs us, but we will obtain better harvests. “Those who sow with tears will reap with joy.” Psalm 126: 5

Many family conflicts and how we relate to other people could be healed if pride, selfishness, hatred, and thirst for revenge for what I received are put aside. Even if it costs us, let’s sow goodness. This world needs it, and like the salt that seasons food so that we can enjoy it, so we have been called to be the salt of the world. We have the instructions in the Word and the Holy Spirit guides us.

If we act like the world, we are helping deforestation. Let us be the ones who put the good seed that the Father gives us.

Let us pray to the Lord presenting our lives so that he helps us to strip away the teachings that are contrary to his will and that we can sow in justice. Amen.

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