It is finished

It is finished.

On that day a promise was fulfilled …

A promise was given to humanity since the time of Adam: the only possible solution to restore our relationship with God.

So many years of waiting. So much spin holding onto a hope that seemed so far away. Only faith helped us to sustain ourselves waiting for the big day.

God never fails. His promises are always kept. His Word stands above every apparent obstacle or adversity.

It is finished.

The day that changed the route of humanity. The day that marked history. A day whose echo is still heard today.

It is finished.

Words that echoed in the skies. Words that fulfilled many prophecies. Words that caused the greatest pain possible. Words that would make more sense three days later. Words that many at the time did not understand.

Something was breaking. Something was ending, but something new was beginning. The countdown had been activated. Silence waited for … his resurrection.

His glory was not over. His glory would manifest once more. His miracles had not ceased. His gift of salvation would be being offered. The necessary path to go to the Father was being forged. The letters of the law could no longer condemn us. The forgiveness of our iniquities became real.

Such a great love. An unconditional love. A sacrificial love. A consummate love.

It is finished.

Those words that today can change your life. Those words that remind me that my life changed. Those words that renew my strength today.

May its echo resound in my spirit every day and lead me to the cross.

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