Let’s not run away from the zombies!

Movies, and nowadays zombie series have been around for many years and are part of the most popular themes in the film industry.

The idea of some “zombies” or people who have been infected by a virus and end up walking while dead, and infecting others who have contact with them, seems very fanciful and perhaps that is why it captivates its audience so much, between the suspense and fear.

In all these stories the plot consists of how to escape from the zombies, not get infected and get a cure that can reverse the process and save humanity.

Our real and current humanity is not far from that zombie fantasy.

Most of the world walks being dead, spiritually. The entrance of sin contaminated all mankind and all its generations. It is impossible to get a cure for ourselves and it is impossible not to get infected because we are born in sin. We were dead and going with the flow of this world without a will of our own!

God in his infinite mercy and his great love with which he loved us, gave us the cure for sin and brings us back to life and communion with him. There is a cure! It brings us to live eternally. But … why are so many zombies surrounding us?

Remember the plot to find the cure and save humanity? You already found it if you are reading this blog. Now, what are you doing to bring it to the infected?

God gave us the task of preaching the gospel to all creatures, to all nations. We have the cure! They can be saved! But … are we running away from zombies? You are already immune. Why see humanity like this and not offer them the cure?

Unfortunately, not everyone can see that they need it. But it is worth being obedient to the Lord and out of love for your neighbor, offering them that there is a hope of real life.

I know what it is to be walking without life, and I am grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Today I can experience joy and peace during this world that is walking towards perdition. I know that it is the only hope available that does not change and that it must not be earned.

No one has ever loved me in such a way, He is love. No one cared more about my healing and my life than my Savior. He remains faithful, something that I cannot understand, but it is his nature to him.

Let us pray to the Lord to help us love our neighbors in such a way that we do not hesitate to bring them the message of salvation, confession and repentance of sins and hope. We have the cure for lives that walk spiritually dead! May God concern us to carry his message in every place, giving him the glory and honor that he deserves.

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