Just thinking I know it all

Everything in this world is changeable. Everything goes out of style and everything comes back again. The values and morals of this world are as changeable as the swaying of the waves of the sea. We have advanced in knowledge, and we have regressed in principles. The principle of wisdom is the fear of Jehovah,Continue reading “Just thinking I know it all”

Living on a diet

Diets are famous at the beginning of the year, as part of the resolutions and new goals that we want to achieve. They start out in high spirits because we’ve just gotten out of the holidays and hearty Christmas holiday meals, but as time goes on they get boring and harder to keep. The dishesContinue reading “Living on a diet”

Need for light in the dark night

I think we all agree that these times of pandemic have changed all of our plans and our routines. The physical distancing has made it difficult for us to do some tasks, to be able to share quality time with those we love and we see how the churches have also been affected. Meditating onContinue reading “Need for light in the dark night”

Looking upright

I have an infection in my left ear that urgently needed a doctor. Yesterday I finally got an appointment and the doctor prescribed treatment in ear drops and antibiotic pills. For the drops, he instructed me to put 7 drops in the affected ear, and for several minutes to be with my head inclined soContinue reading “Looking upright”

Someone else finished what I began

I like to put decoration details around the house according to the different seasons of the year. At the moment I have decorated my dining table in a beach theme because of the summer. They are simple details but they encourage us to see different things, even if I reuse them next year. I haveContinue reading “Someone else finished what I began”

It is not the same to know him by reference

Yesterday we were celebrating our wedding anniversary, although a little differently because of COVID times. But since last year, we remember for that same day the death of my uncle Rafa, who was a father to me and died on our anniversary last year. Although bittersweet, I thank God that we had him 94 yearsContinue reading “It is not the same to know him by reference”

Special times require special measures

Since last night in Puerto Rico, we have been under the impact of IsaĆ­as storm. One more added concern for people who have experienced so far this year, earthquakes, pandemic, and bad government. As our electrical energy system has declined in structure and efficiency over the years due to lack of maintenance, today there areContinue reading “Special times require special measures”