From text messages to no-calls.

I thought about how as time changes and evolves, communications change too. Not only does our environment changes, as far as technology is concerned, but it also changes in our relationships. I remember when my husband and I were getting to know each other. Sometimes we used text messages (there were many of those), atContinue reading “From text messages to no-calls.”

Do not let the leaves wither in pandemic times

We took advantage of the pending delivery of some protocol manuals to clinical laboratories in the north of the island to get all four of us on the car, after the closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The plans were very simple, buy breakfast by drive-thru, get to the north area and return without stoppingContinue reading “Do not let the leaves wither in pandemic times”

My finances in pandemic times

We have been living at different times. This year has been one that stands out above all that we have lived to date. Here in Puerto Rico, we started on January 7 with an earthquake. We are still experiencing the aftershocks as the sequel of the main event. When we said goodbye to 2019, weContinue reading “My finances in pandemic times”

Working time even in quarantine

The church does not take vacations. The church never waits. The church is who we are. It never closes. Living in this time of social distancing and quarantine has not been easy for many. Many have recalled from studies, jobs, social gatherings, and even the structures we call churches are closed but the church doesContinue reading “Working time even in quarantine”

Loving my great job while in quarantine

We are living a time to stay in our homes because of something unexpected: a pandemic that even with all the advances in science and technology that we have available today, managed to enter the world as it would have done in past times. All this shows us that when we already think that weContinue reading “Loving my great job while in quarantine”

From my quarantine, exhausted?

We didn’t have time for anything. We lived exhausted from moving around, from thinking, from being busy all the time. Our agenda was filled with work, family, friends, meetings … We lived exhausted. We looked like slaves many times. Time flew by. The difficult people around us exhausted us. Quarantine has taken us away fromContinue reading “From my quarantine, exhausted?”