Working time even in quarantine

The church does not take vacations. The church never waits. The church is who we are. It never closes. Living in this time of social distancing and quarantine has not been easy for many. Many have recalled from studies, jobs, social gatherings, and even the structures we call churches are closed but the church doesContinue reading “Working time even in quarantine”

Loving my great job while in quarantine

We are living a time to stay in our homes because of something unexpected: a pandemic that even with all the advances in science and technology that we have available today, managed to enter the world as it would have done in past times. All this shows us that when we already think that weContinue reading “Loving my great job while in quarantine”

From my quarantine, exhausted?

We didn’t have time for anything. We lived exhausted from moving around, from thinking, from being busy all the time. Our agenda was filled with work, family, friends, meetings … We lived exhausted. We looked like slaves many times. Time flew by. The difficult people around us exhausted us. Quarantine has taken us away fromContinue reading “From my quarantine, exhausted?”

Quarantine Day 24- Don’t let the stones cry out

It was inevitable for the crowd that recognized that the one who entered Jerusalem was the Son of God, the Messiah that for so many years they had been waiting for, did not keep silent. It was inevitable to exalt the name of God when his promise was being fulfilled and all the prophecies thatContinue reading “Quarantine Day 24- Don’t let the stones cry out”

Quarantine Day 19- Affirming my identity

It is common to use labels to refer to people. Do you remember the one who studied with you? The fatty. The skinny. The blond. The one with glasses. The one with the big eyes. ” The physical appearance is the first label that we are placed in life. But we want to divert attentionContinue reading “Quarantine Day 19- Affirming my identity”

Quarantine Day 18- Empty Nest

For years I have heard about “empty nest syndrome”. It refers to the moment in which the children leave the home to go to study far away or to become independent. Many marital relationships build their firm foundation by leaning on children. But what happens when they leave? Then the emptiness in the house becomesContinue reading “Quarantine Day 18- Empty Nest”