It is not the same to know him by reference

Yesterday we were celebrating our wedding anniversary, although a little differently because of COVID times. But since last year, we remember for that same day the death of my uncle Rafa, who was a father to me and died on our anniversary last year. Although bittersweet, I thank God that we had him 94 yearsContinue reading “It is not the same to know him by reference”

Special times require special measures

Since last night in Puerto Rico, we have been under the impact of Isaías storm. One more added concern for people who have experienced so far this year, earthquakes, pandemic, and bad government. As our electrical energy system has declined in structure and efficiency over the years due to lack of maintenance, today there areContinue reading “Special times require special measures”

I can’t continue without the book

I am taking an online class and I still haven’t received the handbooks. I was informed that training books would arrive by mail, but meanwhile, the first two chapters would be provided in electronic format so that I could start the class. Like an anxiously awaiting girl before the first day of school, I startedContinue reading “I can’t continue without the book”

Myrnaly, please be still.

To live a happy life, we are required to be in peace. As they say, you can have a bed valued at a million dollars, in a room with the perfect atmosphere and temperature and if you do not have peace, you could not sleep. It is popular these days to have stress and soContinue reading “Myrnaly, please be still.”

The one who did it first

I was reading an article about the first black woman to fly a plane for the Navy. Our history is full of logs that record who was the first to perform this or that accomplishment. So from childhood, we are taught that the good thing is to win and to arrive first. This way ofContinue reading “The one who did it first”

Each sponge resembles its owner

Last night while bathing I kept staring at the different bath sponges of each one in my family. Although originally all new ones were purchased, each one has been given a unique use and today they look very different. For example, my daughter always looks new because she does not let it drop before changingContinue reading “Each sponge resembles its owner”

He loves me even after knowing everything about me

If anything surprises me about God, it is that He knows everything, absolutely everything about me, and yet He loves me and continues by my side. This world has taught us zero tolerance towards others since we are children if we want to survive in a society that is driven by sin and walks towardsContinue reading “He loves me even after knowing everything about me”