¿Are you looking through clean glasses?

As girls, my sister and I took a magnifying glass that our uncle had at his house, to play. He used it to read some books or newspaper stuff. The cool thing about the magnifying glass was that we saw things very different from how we normally saw them. With the magnifying glass we lookedContinue reading “¿Are you looking through clean glasses?”

From the closet to the workshop table

You know what? As I told you on Friday, we were able to prepare the craft books yesterday. My husband helped me with everything that had to be cut and we followed all the corresponding steps and prepared two notebooks. Here’s a photo. We were very satisfied with the final result. We used materials thatContinue reading “From the closet to the workshop table”

Friday, September 20th, 2019

Wise people ask for help. — Myrnaly Sepulveda. I am always looking for ideas to decorate the house, new recipes and things about writing or crafts. All tutorials I watch or read gives the impression to be very easy and accessible. I like to try new things but sometimes they don’t turn out as IContinue reading “Friday, September 20th, 2019”