Living on a diet

Diets are famous at the beginning of the year, as part of the resolutions and new goals that we want to achieve. They start out in high spirits because we’ve just gotten out of the holidays and hearty Christmas holiday meals, but as time goes on they get boring and harder to keep. The dishes that are left out of the diet seem to be more attractive and appetizing than what we are eating. For that reason, the most successful diets include days or servings to “cheat” and eat foods that could make us go off the diet altogether if we stop consuming them altogether. Still, not everyone has the discipline to make dieting their lifestyle.

Not only our body is fed, in the same way, but our soul and spirit are also fed. But in this spiritual area, the food we eat can go unnoticed. However, the effects of what we consume remain in our system for a long time.

Everything we read, see, and hear feeds us without realizing it. We have spent a lifetime filling ourselves with everything the world has to offer through cinema, television, magazines, and now, social networks. What do I eat the most? What am I filling myself with? We need to fill ourselves with the Word of God and what quenches our thirst. Am I feeding my fears, anxieties, and discouragement? Or, on the contrary, am I feeding my spirit with knowledge of God, his plans, his will, his attributes and contribute to compare me to his holiness and produce changes in my life?

Like the dieter, you do not have to say it because others notice how healthy and fit you look when we are feeding spiritually, those around us know from the words that come out of our mouth, our attitudes, our decisions, and our approach to other people that we are different and the goal is to reflect Christ so that others give glory to his name by seeing living testimony in us.

Our way of thinking and seeing the situations that come our way in life will be determined by what we have learned and treasured. In times of crisis, what we believe is what we will do first, without thinking, it comes naturally. We must start each day praying and filling ourselves with the Word of God so that during the day that Word is the one that acts on all the decisions we make and leads us to enjoy that abundant life that Christ conquered for us on the cross.

As in diets, what is not healthy catches our attention because it is what we have been eating for years, but it is of no use to us. It is a daily decision and Spirit-led discipline to feed ourselves on what is right.

Let us pray to the Lord giving thanks because he has given us life and abundant life. Let us ask him to guide us through the day and to help us fill ourselves more and more with him each day so that we can please him and enjoy the peace that by his grace he gives us.