Need for light in the dark night

I think we all agree that these times of pandemic have changed all of our plans and our routines. The physical distancing has made it difficult for us to do some tasks, to be able to share quality time with those we love and we see how the churches have also been affected. Meditating onContinue reading “Need for light in the dark night”

Myrnaly, please be still.

To live a happy life, we are required to be in peace. As they say, you can have a bed valued at a million dollars, in a room with the perfect atmosphere and temperature and if you do not have peace, you could not sleep. It is popular these days to have stress and soContinue reading “Myrnaly, please be still.”

My finances in pandemic times

We have been living at different times. This year has been one that stands out above all that we have lived to date. Here in Puerto Rico, we started on January 7 with an earthquake. We are still experiencing the aftershocks as the sequel of the main event. When we said goodbye to 2019, weContinue reading “My finances in pandemic times”