Scars you can see

A few months ago my husband was doing something around the house and although he’s highly organized, for some reason he got distracted and had left a brush hidden in a chair in the living room. I didn’t realize it was there because it had fallen between the seams of the chair and I sat down without looking.

The brush handle had a rather pointed end. That part was embedded in my skin when I sat down. It felt pretty strong like I was stabbed with a knife. Although it managed to cure the area, the scar apparently, will stay permanently.

I was thinking then about the different scars that I have on my body (there are not many) because I had a fairly calm childhood. But I have a scar from a bike crash, the scar from my son’s cesarean section, and the scar from a deep scratch with a broken part of a car.

Each scar, each mark reminds you of the event that caused it. They were not only done physically but emotionally when the event occurred. However, we have other scars, very deep. Those are found in our soul, at the heart, as they often say. Those wounds are for life and for that reason we must learn to manage them.

The problem with soul wounds is that they continue to hurt longer than the physical ones and as we don’t see them, we don’t take care of them properly. We even get to think that they are healed and sometimes we learn to live with them because we get used to the pain, thinking that they don’t hurt anymore or that we are healed.

Unfortunately, they are not as hidden as we usually think and it is those around us who can see them on how we live, how we react to different situations in life, and how we see the future.

Although we cannot see them, we act unconsciously as if we felt them in the same degree as the day they were created. We isolate ourselves from people so that they do not reject or hurt us, we inhibit ourselves from succeeding in life or having dreams so that they do not break, our anger is presented to others without being invited, and our eyes no longer shine as before.

But do you know who showed his scars? Jesus. He died for you and me on the cross. He was resurrected on the third day and had a glorified body, but still bore his marks on his hands and feet. God knows that we identify with the pain, with wounds. He suffered rejections, abandonment, betrayal, discomfort, mistreatment, they arrested him, they criticized him and he endured all that for love; for a love for humanity that did not love him, that did not look for him, and that had turned his back on him.

He bought your peace. He bought your salvation. He bought your healing. He bought your joy. Why do you want to continue paying for it?

Your marks cannot be seen with the naked eye, but His scars are visible so you don’t forget them.

Let us pray to the Lord by surrendering our lives to Him who gave everything for us. Let us give thanks for his inexhaustible and undeserved love. Let us give our wounds to Him so that they can be healed.

It is time to stop paying what is already paid.

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