Way maker

My parents’ house was in a residential area, two streets away from one of the main avenues of Ponce. My parents did not own a car or drive, so they took me walking to the elementary school, which was very close, but we had to cross the avenue.

In front of our house, there was a narrow alley, which continued across the next street and reached the avenue. It was a shorter route to take.

At the end of the two streets, the alley opened in an empty lot. There was no road, but with the footsteps of the people who used this space to gain time, a path was forming, on the ground.

There were times when the wild grass of the land grew quite high, but the path was maintained by the footsteps that affirmed it daily.

God ministered to my life on Sunday while I was in the time of praise. He is Almighty. He is able to break through the sea to create a path.

God can open paths where there are none. God can create rivers in the desert. And everything shows his glory!

God works miracles and wonders in our lives because he loves us and has grace and mercy for us. But the main reason is for his glory to be exalted.

The greatest miracle has already been done for us. The sin we inherited from Adam separated us from a relationship with God. All roads closed. Humanity was lost and there was no way to find a way back.

God, through Jesus Christ provided us the way. Jesus said: – “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”John 14:6, KJV.

Being almighty and holy, he created a way of salvation for us. Not by our merits, but by his grace, a gift.

Through my years on this new path, God has done wonderful things. He has boasted in my weakness.

It is when I say that I have tried everything, that I see no way out or possible answer, that I then see his unmistakable hand working in ways that I would never have imagined.

He has opened roads in my deserts! He has created rivers to refresh me in the midst of afflictions. But that always leads me, not to want to ask for more, but to humble myself before his presence acknowledging that I deserve nothing, and He gives everything to me.

Pray to the Lord giving thanks for all the times he has created paths where there were none, especially the way to salvation and a life with Him.

Let us thank him for all the details and care that he offers us by grace alone. May we exalt and worship him in the midst of any circumstance in our lives.

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